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The pandemic has brought many things in its wake, many of which have been difficult for many to navigate through. This would have included hardships such as the loss of loved ones and businesses, job insecurity and more. However, now that the world is starting to emerge from this landscape, it is clear that that there are some positive benefits to take from this time. One of the clearest examples of these is the work from home model. Whilst this was not an alien idea before recent world events came into fruition, it was still a form of working that was rare, even unpopular as many enjoyed the office environment given its social benefits.

During the lockdowns that were placed over many nations though, working from home became the standard. Those who never imagined themselves having a day out of office suddenly had their homes become their office. There is no doubting that it was a shakeup to working as we know it, and it was certainly a new experience that many had to adapt to. This would have been especially true for those extroverts who enjoyed the office politics that drama that practically every workplace had. After some time though, it became apparent that working from home was not so bad at all. Some, in fact, even enjoyed it.

Fast forward to today, and it is clear to see the impact that working from home has had on many. Despite being able to go back to the office, many consider working from home to be superior to travelling to the office day after day. And when the benefits of the work model are considered, it is hard to disagree with this assertion.

Those who work from home will find themselves in a more comfortable environment than the one in place at work. This is because the home is where most of us spend the majority of our lives – it is where we eat, sleep and relax. Because of the time spent here, we have grown accustomed to it, which is why it was initially a weird experience to do work from the home as these are traditionally two areas of life that are kept apart. However, the blending of the two resulted in a more comfortable working experience where people could work without stress or distractions, providing one way how working from home is better.

Another way that working from home is better is because of the reduced cost. It will also appease employers that this applies to them too. For employees, though there is no longer a need to commute, meaning that money spent on fuel or public transport is rendered to zero. This is a benefit that will have no doubt proved popular to many as everyone enjoys saving money.

Lastly, there is also the matter of more time in the workday. The commute also takes up time as well as money. Most will know that in the world of work, time is precious and the excess time they get at the start of the day allows them to get ahead of their work. This means people can finish early and enjoy activities such as playing at online casinos, a popular resource that can be found here, though this is not advised during the workday!

It is clear that the pandemic has ushered in a new era of work and has proven to be one of the few positive things that have emerged over the last couple of years.