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People have used ancient marijuana as a treatment to stimulate appetite, remove chronic pain, asthma and migraines. Since 1940, marijuana has been included in the list of approved medicines in the United States. American researcher statistics show an increase in its use as a drug or drug. Thus, in 2001, there were 2.6 million new consumers, and the number grows from year to year, but the age of those who consume is decreasing. You can do a THC detox and eliminate all from your body.

Also called weed, marijuana is obtained from the leaves, seeds and dried flowers of Indian hemp. It is green, brown or gray and has the appearance of very fine cut tobacco. From it you can also get hashish or hash oil and another form of seedless marijuana.

In the language of drug users, marijuana is called joint and is consumed in the form of cigarettes or pots and is often combined with other substances with the same role in the form of tea or is even introduced into some food.

Smoking, however, is the most common form of marijuana use, but it can also be heated to temperatures of over 185 degrees in order to obtain vapors that remove all active ingredients.

The effects of marijuana

The effects of marijuana use as a drug are short-term loss of memory, hallucinations, amnesia, appetite growth, libido, unrecognition of simple things such as colors, mental activity, and meditation. Addiction to marijuana also creates a permanent rejuvenation state, hence the melancholic states, but also anxiety, dry mouth and accelerated heart rate. Because the most common form of consumption is through cigarettes, consumers have respiratory problems, chest pain, cramped nose and lung problems.

The active substance of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main indicator that delineates the drug and drug product. The marijuana medication contains a small amount of THC, and increasing its value actually causes the drug to become drug. Hence, rapid addiction and all the harmful effects of excessive consumption are created.

Once in the blood, the active substance acts on two types of receptors. Some are in the brain and are responsible for body movements, memory and the feeling of vomiting. This is why uncontrolled consumption has the primary effect of temporarily losing memory, but as a medicine it has the role of removing muscle and bone pain. Other receptors that directly act on marijuana-containing THCs are those that are immune to the immune system. Consumed as a cigarette, marijuana takes effect in minutes and lasts for an hour and a half. If it is consumed in the food, the effect is recorded after one hour and can take longer than an hour and a half.

About marijuana medicine

American specialists have studied the effects of this plant on health. Thus, marijuana has the potential for medication because it can treat certain affections and can accelerate the healing of others.

Glaucoma has been used to treat eye disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure, membrane atrophy, which can even degenerate into vision loss. Studies have shown that marijuana treatment, prescribed by physicians, with a low and safe THC, has the role of normalizing intraocular pressure. Moreover, it can have the same effect on hypertensives, but specialists have not yet found a scientific explanation of this effect. Look at this.

For many years, marijuana has been used as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. It acts directly on the nervous system and prevents its deterioration, specific to this condition. Furthermore, it can also be used to remove the cancer-specific pain.

Like medicine, it can increase appetite, eliminate dizziness, protect lungs by increasing lung capacity and improves blood circulation, thus preventing cardiovascular disease.

The problem of marijuana treatment is that it loses its effectiveness over time.

The marijuana drug

American specialists have conducted several tests to get the lethal dose of marijuana. The results showed that for a person of 75 kg, 21 grams of marijuana can be fatal.

Moreover, due to the high concentration of THC in the drug, addiction is set up immediately and that's why there is a need to consume more and more harder products. Addiction in fact means a rapid deterioration in health, the psyche.