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Making Yourself Happy

Everyone always wants something from you and some days you have no time for yourself. Always remember it is very important for your well-being that you make yourself happy. Always start your days on a positive note and do what you find most enjoyable first thing in the morning before your day actually begins. The night before make yourself an  icebox cake. Then enjoy it with your morning coffee. You should always put yourself first and you’ll see that you can enjoy each day just by doing what makes you happy.

Practice Gratitude

To practice gratitude you should make a list of at least three things you are thankful for every morning. As your day progresses look around you and make a note of the things you see which give you delight. Perhaps a plant on the office windowsill is blooming or someone complimented you on your work things like this can make you grateful that you are in this world. Take the time to have lunch with your friends to make a nice break in your workday. Unless there are real problems be sure to appreciate everything day by day then keep a gratitude journal and note what special things have happened to you. In this way if there is a day that makes you angry or sad you can look in your gratitude journal and find peace again. Always find time to spend with your family and loved ones and be grateful that you have them and you can come home to them each and every day.

Keep Tabs On Your Thoughts

There are times when you cannot help it and negative thoughts can come over you. These kinds of thoughts can bring on a bad mood and make the day seem really bad. It is at these times that we should look back and think about what brought on these negative thoughts. Then analyze the situation and find a way to make these negative thoughts go away. Once you have taken control of the situation again you will see how quickly your mind once again turns toward positive thoughts and comes up with the solutions you seek for otherwise seemingly impossible situations.

Live In the Present

It seems that every day our mental health gets challenged. The world is full of stressful situations and often it seems that there is no way out. The best thing is to live in the present and take each day at a time dealing with what challenges you are faced with daily. Do not dwell on the past because it cannot be changed and do not focus on the future because you cannot know what it will bring. So live in the present and you’ll see that things will go along much better. Treat yourself to sock it to me cake or orange cake and you’ll see that everything is alright with your world.

Take Daily Risks   

Every day it is important that you have structure and routine. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and it can make you unhappy. This only means that you are not progressing in your life. It is important to take certain risks each day to stay healthy. Do something out of the ordinary like talk to someone new, perhaps greet a new neighbor, do something different that you don’t usually do. Go out walking more often and pay attention to the things around new. Enjoy nature in the parks. Perhaps start a workout goal to push yourself beyond your comfort zone because a workout not only is good for the body but it is also good for the mind.