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A podiatrist is a medical foot specialist that treats any foot, ankles, and any leg issues. If you stay in Columbus and you have any feet issues then you need to see Columbus Ohio podiatrists.


A podiatrist is also trained in a podiatric medical school and at the end of the day certified with a DPM (doctor of podiatric medicine) just like every other field of medical specialist by their assigned certifying board and this certification shows that he/ she has completed a rigorous training of ankle and foot training in a recognized podiatrist medical school.


A podiatrist specialty includes these various fields of concentration: pediatrics, wound care, surgery, sports medicine, diabetics issues, reset broken bones, prescribe drugs, make Xrays, and lab test in relation to any foot problem.


Podiatrist are specialized in treating and diagnosing various foot conditions which includes Foot pain, foot disorders, arthritis, foot injuries, skin conditions, infections, bunions, nail conditions, abnormal foot structure, and so on. They also correct and repair foot deformity


Reasons why you need to see a podiatrist

You need to see a podiatrist by the time you start noticing some foot problem symptoms and it is advisable you do that at its early stage before it gets worse.

You need to see a podiatrist if you happen to have any of the following foot issues: bunions, sprains, arthritis, diabetes, nail and feet infection, flat feet, and so on.


Seeing a podiatrist will easily diagnose any of these issues because there are medical steps they would take in finding out where the problem is and in order to prescribe accurate treatments for it for an easy and fast solution. Asides from physical examination they make use of X-ray: they make use of Xrays, MRI scans, and other imaging tests to detect structural problems like bone fractures, blocked vessels, etc.

Asides from these they also use quantitative sensory testing and blood tests to detect any cause of foot problems.


Asides from all these conditions, diagnoses, and treatments they carry out, a podiatrist can also help advise you on the type of footwear you wear, they can also treat and advise on discolored toenails, painful feet, wart growth, peeling, and scaling feet. A podiatrist can also offer orthotics to arch and pad your feet to relieve heel pain.


There are different types of a podiatrist

We have some podiatrist who specializes in different types of foot conditions and others also specialize in some types of podiatric medicine.

Here are the various types of specialties a podiatrist can choose to take part in:



Inflammatory conditions

Pediatric medical care



Neurologic foot conditions


Even if you have no issues with your feet, it is advisable to still visit a podiatrist, this way you would able to detect any feet, toe, and nails problem early. The podiatrist would also advise you on the types of shoes to wear that are suitable for your feet. They will also help recommend the best treatment plan to keep your feet healthy.


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