• Written by News Feature Team

As Donald Trump settles into his new position as the President of the US, the world is still figuring out where he'll stand on the policies that he promised during the campaigning process.

Trump was, and still is, famously outspoken about strengthening the US’s borders, opposing Obama’s federal statute to provide affordable healthcare (which was dubbed Obamacare) and his disbelief in the existence of climate change.

This article takes a look at Trump’s position on the environment and how this is likely to affect the rest of the world.

Trump and Global Warming

Here's a brief overview of Trump's position on climate change:

  • In a tweet from 2012, Trump claimed that global warming was a hoax invented by China to make the USA’s manufacturing trade less competitive. He later claimed that this was a joke and that climate change is a natural occurrence not caused by humans.

  • Trump vowed to pull America out of the landmark Paris Agreement, which aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions, claiming that the crisis has been blown out of proportion.

  • He promised to defund UN climate change work, supported the use of coal as an energy source and wanted to stop America's Clean Power Plan, which regulates power plant emissions.

What This Means for the Rest of the World

Losing funding from the US would certainly be a blow to the fight against global warming. Experts believe that climate change is one of the biggest challenges faced by the entire planet, and the US should contribute in tackling the problem. Simon Rayner, Director of Campaigns for Friends of the Earth said that if Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Agreement, it would be a clear snub towards the international community.

What Can We Do?

Across the pond in the UK, our environmental management legislation still stands and business owners should continue to be aware of the impact that business operations can have on climate change.

America's President may not have global warming high on his agenda, but there are steps that businesses can take to reduce carbon emissions and try to limit the problem of climate change. You should consider:

  • Encouraging recycling to reduce waste.

  • Check your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to ensure your business property is energy-efficient.

  • Control your business's air pollution by using a company such as ERG Air Pollution Control.

  • Encourage your employees to car share or cycle to work.


It's likely that we won't see the effects of Trump's environmental policy until long after he leaves the White House. Don't risk underestimating the effects of climate change - make sure you do your part in minimising our harm to the environment by keeping your business energy-efficient, pollution-free and green.