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It’s no secret that the earth is in a bad way- from ‘islands’ of plastic washing up in our oceans to a hole in the ozone layer, acid rain, deforestation and so much more. It might feel as though we’re helpless to stop the effects of the damage our species is causing, but there are things we can all do. Here are some examples. 

Educate people to make better choices

There’s so much power in education, with the right knowledge, we can all collectively make better decisions. From recycling more effectively to reducing water consumption, using less energy and composting, there’s plenty that the average person can do right from their own home. Now that we’re aware of the effect our species is having on the planet, we need to be informing people of what they can personally do to reduce their own carbon footprint and collectively we can all make a difference. Educating children throughout their school life, running ad campaigns on tv and radio and encouraging celebrities and influencers to speak up and deliver the message to reach more people are all things we can do. 

Utilise sustainable building companies

Each and every person is responsible for their own carbon footprint, however a massive responsibility falls to the big companies of the world as these are the ones that are making the biggest impact when it comes to pollution. Burning through fossil fuels, producing lots of waste, using excessive water and pumping out toxins and pollutants are all issues that need to be overcome. The more we choose eco friendly and sustainable companies like Avid, the more demand we create for them. This then pushes other big businesses to clean up their act so that consumers will continue to use them. Look for companies that use sustainable materials, low VOC paints, utilise Fairtrade and use clean energy sources. No business is perfect, but if you have the choice of working with one that does something better for the environment then take that option. 

Protest against plastic

We’re in the midst of a plastic epidemic. It’s destroying the oceans, harming animals, it’s even ending up in our own food chain with effects that are likely to be disastrous. Using less plastic is one thing we can all do- use reusable water bottles, bags and straws instead of single use plastic varieties. However, as consumers we’re still limited on how much we can reduce our plastic consumption, almost everything you can buy in the supermarket is wrapped in single use plastic and it’s not always feasible to source alternatives. One thing we can do is protest it, sign petitions, join protest rallies and generally make it clear that as the public we want more to be done against single use plastics. In time, this can push the government into taking more initiatives, from funding alternatives to forcing companies to reduce the amount they’re putting out with their products. 

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