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One of the most basic needs of a human is shelter; a necessity that shields us from the harsh effects of the elements. From primitive times till date it is still a necessity because it still provides protection from the elements. However, there is also so much more to having your own place of shelter in today’s modern society.

Since those early days, humans have evolved, society has evolved and there are social and societal norms, structures, ethos, concepts and most importantly, laws. These guide human societies and help to preserve order in the society

One such concept is the concept of ownership of property. This simply means that someone has proprietary rights over a thing. This right can be purchased for a monetary sum or by transfer or even given out as a gift.

Now, a house is a property and most people in the society do not build their own houses, rather they buy it. One thing that you have to make sure of is that you are properly informed about the property that you are about to purchase.

What Is a Home Inspection All About?

This is an activity that involves the examination of a house in an unobtrusive manner to find out in details the true condition of the house. This is usually done when a house is about to be sold. This activity is carried out by a home inspector who is properly qualified and certified to carry out this function.

Upon completion of the inspection, it is the duty of the inspector to compile findings in a report that is to be delivered to the prospective purchaser of the building. This report is what enables the prospective purchaser to make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

However, it is to be noted that the summation from the inspection is to be a record of findings not estimation or guarantee of the value of the building.

Again, a distinction is to be made between a real estate appraiser and a home inspector because though their tasks might seem to be the same their aims are different. While the latter is there to determine the state of a structure, the former’s aim is to determine the value of a building. you can find out more on this here.

As can be expected, there are companies in this line of business, who engage qualified and well licensed home inspectors to work for them for a fee.

Is It All That Necessary?

As earlier noted, most people cannot afford the luxury of building their own houses thus, the most popular means of getting one is through a purchase. And as anyone who has been through or is about to go through this process can tell you, it is quite costly. This is because, asides the cost of the house itself, you have to factor in the lawyer and realtor fees.

The result? Expenses! And the last thing on most people’s mind will be anything that will result in more expenses.

This now begs the question, is a home inspection all that necessary?

The answer to this question is yes! And it is so for the following reasons

It Provides an Opportunity to Back Out of a Deal

This process can reveal previously unknown information about a house that might prove critical to your interest or expectations as a potential buyer. Such information might be as it regards the various repairs that might have to be done in the building both presently and in the future in a bid to maintain the house. If the prospective buyer finds this too costly, cumbersome or is generally uncomfortable about the arrangement then, this is an opportunity to back out of the arrangement.

Detection of Safety Issues

This process also helps to detect safety issues that might be present in a house. Such issues should be properly handled before fully entering into any agreement so as not to endanger yourself and your family. Again, this is why there should be a clause in your contract that will enable you to cancel the agreement if such issues are discovered.

Reveals Any Illegalities

Different cities and states have regulations that set the standard of the very basics expected in a building whether residential or not. These standards are basically for safety purposes (to ensure that the right materials are used, that the place where the building is sited is safe etc.). Sometimes, some buildings do not meet these standards and you as a prospective purchaser can only find out through an inspection.

It’s a Great Bargaining Tool

A lot of the times, a buyer, not being in real estate, might not have the upper hand when trying to negotiate a deal. However, with the information gotten from the inspection, the buyer now has a great bargaining tool with which to demand certain changes or repairs in the house or demand for a reduction of the cost. Either way, the buyer has gained an advantage and stands to benefit.

From all the above mentioned so far, it is obvious that you as a purchaser stands to gain the most from engaging a home inspector. The thing is, the above points are not an exhaustive list of the benefits of towing this line, there are many more.

Tips on How to Choose a Home Inspection Company In Denver

The city of Denver capital of Colorado is one of those big cities that witness lots of migration from other cities and states across the country and outside the country. The reason for these migrations are mostly because of job or business opportunities though it has to be said that the city has always been an attractive destination for many.

And when people want to settle down in a place, they look to get a house. Thus, for those who are just moving in and looking to settle and for those who already dwell in the city, the following are guidelines for you as you embark on buying a house:-

  1. Get References from Local Realtors: Local realtors here refer to realtors within the city who know the city regulations and the land and property terrain of the city well. They are more likely to point you to reputable and efficient organizations or to online sites like that can help you out.

  2. Go for Insured Companies: This is to protect you from liability in the case of an accident

  3. Focus on Experience: As can be expected, experience is an indication of expertize in this field. More importantly, ensure that they are experienced in handling the type of house that you are interested in.

  4. The Company Should not be Into Repairs: It does happen that some inspection companies are also into repairs. This would lead to a clear case of conflict of interest and objectivity is needed in making the appraisals



The stress and expenses involved in purchasing a house can be quite enormous. But getting a house that is not suitable for you or that ends up costing you much more in repairs and maintenance can leave you greatly unhappy and full of regrets.

However, engaging a home inspection company will help you avoid such situations by giving you information that would help you avoid such pitfalls. Remember, applying the information you have gained here would benefit you greatly.



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