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Is there anything better than feeling on top of the world? You’re walking around, doing your thing, and you just feel untouchable. Those days are pretty great; we can all agree. However, those days are not guaranteed. There are times when we’re walking around and we feel low, or tired or anything else that prevents us from being at our best. It’s possible that we don’t need to just go with whatever mood strikes us, though. There are things we can do that can push us towards feeling our best more consistently. While life might get you down from time to time, we might just be able to upgrade “feeling fine” to “feeling great” on a regular basis. We take a look at some ways you can do this below.

Start the Morning Right

You should start as you mean to go on, is what they say. If you’re rolling out of bed and rushing around your home trying to quickly get ready before leaving for work, then you’ll struggle to feel at your best when you’re out in society. But what if you start the morning in a more positive way? You wake up, go for a run, take a cold shower, and then have a big breakfast with a cup of tea as you read a book. You’d feel amazing, ready to face the day with energy. 

Work Up a Sweat

There are some things that humans need in order to be at their best. We need community, we need purpose, and we need to use our bodies and work up a sweat. In this sedentary age, many of us overlook this last aspect, and ignore it all together. But there’s a lot of power in putting on those running shoes and going for a joke. You’ll feel alert and alive, and it’ll also release plenty of feelgood chemicals into your brain. You’ll feel on top of the world.

Handling Issues

We could do everything right, and be thoroughly enjoying the day, and still run into issues. That’s because we never know when one of those niggling personal problems will present themselves. We could develop a headache, feel constipated, or suffer from painful heartburn. Any of these issues would derail your day. To avoid that from happening, make sure that you’re prepared and ready to handle the problems as and when they arise. Make sure you have heartburn liquid, aspirin, and constipation tablets in your bag. Just leave them in there, and you’ll always have the remedy on hand when needed. 

Deep Thinking 

One of the reasons why we’re not always at our best is can be tough! And it’ll play with our emotions. We could feel great, but when something happens, even small, then we can find ourselves walking down a negative path. If you practice meditation, however, you’ll find that you have a buffer between you and your emotions. Those small annoyances will just be another thing that happened -- they won’t derail your day. 

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