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Most homeowners love to keep pets. You will often find at least a pet or two in each home you visit. One of these pets is usually a cat.

Statistics show that, the number of cats kept as pets is much bigger compared to that of other animals. This show that cats are mostly preferred and loved by most people. If you are one of these people, you only have one job. Take good care of them.

This is why veterinary officers have been on the lookout for various ways to help improve their health and quality of life. The latest invention is a natural alternative, the CBD. Let us see more about it.

What is CBD?

Also referred to as cannibidiol, this chemical compound is always extracted from hemp plants. It has gained much popularity over the years due to its ability to induce calmness and improve inflammatory function.

When extracting this product from the hemp plant, also another chemical compound often comes out with it. It is known as THC or tetrahydrocannabidiol.

This is what is responsible for the psychoactive effects when consumed. For this reason, all CBD products always have a THC level of not more than 0.3%. You can view this webpage for more.

How does CBD work?

Before you buy any products from for use, you are always curious about how it works, right? Well, the compound often interacts with what is known as Endocannabinoid System or the ECS.

This complex system can be found within the body of a mammal. It acts as a neurotransmitter network and it is among the largest networks for that matter. It can be compared to a computer’s virus scanner.

However, instead dealing with the virus directly, it controls the situation by transmitting signals to the receptors in order to restore the balance. If your cat is suffering from one of the common anxious behaviors like aggression or hiding, the CBD will help by interacting with the ECS to make the cat feel more at ease.

Health Benefits of CBD for Cats

As a natural alternative, it has been found to have a great impact on the lives of both humans and animals. Studies that have been conducted so far has proven that the product has a capability of improving the quality of life in various ways. Below are a few health benefits your cat can enjoy when using CBD. Read more about its effects on cats here

It is not psychoactive

As mentioned before, THC, which is also a chemical compound in hemp is what is always responsible for the psychoactive effects. When consumed, you might experience an intense euphoria.

This is what is commonly referred to as being “High”. However, when CBD is consumed, your pet won’t have any of these feelings. The CBD is known not to have any effects on the state of consciousness of any animal. Instead, it will often leave your pet feeling quite relaxed.

Reduces anxiety

Pets are always known to make great companions and they always feel joyful and look happy when their owners are around.

But, since we are always looking for ways to make ends meet, sometimes we are forced to leave them alone for longer periods of time. This often make many kitties to experience intense anxiety due to the separation.

In most cases, this can have a lasting effect. If you know you will be leaving your pet alone for some time, it is advised that you give them a small dosage of CBD. This will help in keeping them calm until you get back.

Getting rid of cancer

CBD might not be the ultimate cure for cancer but it does reduce the strength of the disease by stopping the cancer cells from multiplying. It increases the death of tumor cells and thereby improving the pet’s quality of life. This is true as there have been several cases where CBD has been given to cats to treat their cancer cells. The results are always positive and your cat can continue enjoying a joyful life.

Acts as pain reliever

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why the compound is being treated as a new drug in a class of its own.

It has been known to relieve different kinds of pain. Of course, you do not always expect pets to talk to you and tell you where they are having the pain. But, you can definitely tell when they are in pain.

Administering the compound to them will come as a sign of relief and you will notice their condition improving. It is a great way to deal with nerve related pain and inflammation.


Just as you would love to be taken care of when you are unwell, pets also deserve the same kind of love and care. It is a nice thing to do when you take good care of them and sure they are in great health condition. After all, you will also feel happy when your pet is in good shape, right. Click here to know much about this compound.