• Written by News Company

During these uncertain times, many people are suffering from anxiety. They are cut off from loved ones, worried about vulnerable relatives, looking after babies or home-schooling older children. There are money, work and family issues all going on right now and all beyond our control, so it’s important to make sure that you properly relax and here are five ways to do this during isolation:

Spend time with pets

While you don’t really have a choice as you’re locked down with them, this is a time to not just spend time with your pets but to really appreciate your pets and be present when spending time with them. Pets not only bring immediate joy and comfort but then instantly reduce stress and anxiety. They give unconditional love, they have calming effects and playing with, petting, and caring for a pet helps people to relax and gives them purpose. If you have a dog as well, then taking them out on their daily walk may help relieve the sense of isolation and boost your mood.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Consciously slowing down your breathing is a proven way to relax; however, when you are stressed, this can be difficult. Take some time and search for breathing exercises on YouTube, lie down and have a go - even if you’re not feeling stressed. You’ll feel great after. 

Use CBD Oil

A legal oil extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD, or Cannabidiol is fast becoming a popular item, and research suggests it could be beneficial for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders too. A study in 2010 showed that Cannabidiol has the potential to reduce the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. According to Zen Labs, the study verified that CBD oil made the participants feel better overall and helped to pave the way for a change in how the brain responds to feelings of anxiety. These types of products are said to be able to treat a variety of forms of anxiety, ranging from PTSD to generalized anxiety disorder. So, if you are searching for a natural and effective, yet safe, medication to help you overcome strong feelings of emotional discomfort right now, then perhaps this is right for you. 

Treat yourself to an Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.

Treat yourself to an Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set. If money isn’t an issue for your right now and perhaps you’re actually saving money on not going out and not commuting to work, then perhaps you should be treating yourself to things which can help you to relax. You can’t go out and get a massage right now, but if you’re feeling stressed and anxious, then perhaps try an Acupressure mat, to help relieve the stress and tension. They are also good for increasing blood circulation and improving sleep quality. 

Get an Aloe Vera plant.

Not only will this look nice in your home, but aloe vera plants are known to reduce symptoms of anxiety. They also emit oxygen at night, which promotes a good night’s sleep.