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As the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Most of you might worry about how to protect your business places and your homes to surpass any mishap to happen.

Although there are hundreds of ways and products you can use to protect your land here are some of the most effective ways that you should consider first. These ways can be used to protect either business places or homes.

Install an Intruder Alarm

A home is a place that we think is the most secure place in the world. But sometimes you might feel in danger. An intruder alarm is a product that detects unauthorized entries and intrusion into a building, site, room, or any place.

Apart from its usage in homes, you can also use it to protect your business places and your employees. You don’t have to pull any trigger or press buttons when someone you see in intruding in your place. This alarm will automatically detect and will notify you and near police stations. This will help you minimize every risk.

You can buy these products on any online shopping platform or get this from Risk management service providers. Try to buy the best and latest ones as criminals know how to beat those systems. You can also ask for the best ones from the provider you choose.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the main targets of criminals to breach through it and if you let them open it is just a welcome sign for them.

Many of the intruders can quickly and silently pry open locked doors and windows. Some of them use techniques to break a pane of glass making their way to reach in and unlock locked windows and doors.

In rare cases, few of them break out a glass to make their way to crawl inside or walk through it. Make your doors and windows as difficult to penetrate as possible. Some of them use master keys or different tools to unlock door locks.

To avoid these you can install burglar alarms that need a passcode to entre and secure windows that are near the ground by adding iron rods in between the glass and make it impossible for them to enter through it.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight of Intruders

Burglars when they see something valuable in a business place or a home they are more like to attract to intrude. Keep the valuable articles of ostensible out of view from people that can see through your front door or the windows from the street.

Mostly valuables in a business place are files that can damage your business if someone gets their hands on them and in homes mostly jewelry and cash are in danger.

Try to keep no cash or jewelry in-home and instead you can use banks and lockers to keep them safe. Transportation is given by banks themselves so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked while transferring them.

If you still keep them in your home or business place the best place is to hide them in some containers that are not likely to be discarded by intruders.

Get a Dog

A dog is a pet that most people keep to love them but they can be extremely helpful to avoid burglars entering. This is mostly helpful for homes and not for business places.

You can grow a dog or you can buy them from security companies as they are trained and keep your place safe when you fall asleep or you are out for work.

Good relationship with Neighbors

To protect your home while you are away can only be done when you have good relations with people around you. You should share your plans and schedule with them and let them know when you are going away from your home to your workplace or on vocations.

If you share this kind of information with them, this will help them keep an eye on suspicious activities.

Install CCTV

Installing cameras on your premises at different places can help you in many different ways. It helps improve the security of both home and business places. Here are some advantages of using CCTV:

  • Deterring Criminals: Without a doubt, cameras act as a serious deterrent for criminals or anyone carrying illegal activities. Burglars don’t intrude to places where cameras are installed as they can get caught easily through it.

  • Monitor Activities: You can sit back and look at what is going under your roof. These days even if you are not on your premises you still can look at what is happening through your smartphones. Monitoring these activities yourself gives a lot of relief about the security of your business place or home.

  • Collect evidence: Even in some cases if someone intrudes and damage your property or take out valuable items from your place. If you have CCTV installed you can gather solid shreds of evidence easily and they can be used by law enforcement to solve these crimes more easily.

  • Keep Records: CCTV is not just helping to keep criminals out of your place but they can also be used to keep an eye on your employees. When your employees are checking in or out. Even if you blindly trust your employees you should still keep records of what they are doing to prevent mishaps to happen.

CCTV system looks very expensive when you look at them but in reality, they are not. For instance, in the UK for 8 cameras the cost will be around 300 pounds (price may vary). You can contact any licensed risk management providers to get your system installed today.

Get an Insurance Policy

Getting an insurance policy can help you save thousands of dollars. When an intruder comes and takes every valuable if you have insurance for those items you are in no loss and you’ll get every penny you lost.

Also if you have gold in your home you should consider buying the policy for those items as well.