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Drug addiction is a highly unfortunate thing that can happen to anyone – forming such an addiction doesn’t just mean that someone enjoys drugs a little bit too much, as it can also be related to some kind of trauma in their lives. With this in mind, if you find out, or at least suspect, that you have a friend who is addicted to drugs, helping them out should be your number one priority. It can be a very difficult road for the both of you, however, so to help out we provide some great tips to get your friend on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Getting started with helping your friend

Although it’s certainly the best thing possible, addiction rehabilitation in Melbourne is rarely the first place to start with a friend who is addicted to drugs. This is because they will initially be highly resistant, so it will be partly up to you to walk them through their options. If your uncertain about their drug use, there are likely a few things that have already tipped you off – they might have changed in some way related to their physical appearance or their behaviour has changed radically for no particular reason, but in any case, there is likely some concrete reason for you being concerned. Some behavioural clues to keep an eye out for include things like extreme mood swings, a loss in interest in things they used to enjoy, neglecting their own personal hygiene and grooming, and an overall neglect of their responsibilities, whether it be related to their job, family, r whatever else. Physical indicators could include things like red, glassy or puffy eyes, extreme weight fluctuation, nosebleeds or shaking. You might even spot bits of paraphernalia around, such as spoons, pipes and syringes.

What you should do to help

It can be tough plucking u the courage to help a friend in need, but it can also be one of the most important and beneficial things you can possibly do for them. It is often the case that people don’t see their use of drugs as a problem – no matter how bad it has gotten – so demonstrating this in the most calm way possible is a good first step. Then, walk through the issue with your friend and demonstrate to them why their drug use is of a concern to you and others close to them. There are also a few things you shouldn’t do in order to help your friend know that you’re on their side. The big one here is avoiding the use of emotional appeals wherever possible – guilt-tripping, preaching to or threatening your friend is in no way going to help them, and if nothing else can even make their situation even worse. If you try and they don’t respond appropriately, it’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes, even your best intentions won’t be able to sway someone when they’re feeling so resolute.

Do you have a friend who needs help?

Whether you’re concerned that a close friend of yours is addicted to drugs or you want to reach out and help a friend who is addicted to drugs, taking the steps necessary to do so can enrich both of your lives immeasurably. It’s important to remember that being addicted to drugs doesn’t make someone bad, and sometimes they just need a helping hand – a hand like yours.

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