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By this point, you've likely tried countless magical tidying methods or trickled a few authentic cleaning principles to your drawers, rooms, or even your heart. But, hold that thought – did you know that Feng shui is the OG when it comes to decluttering and emptying a butt-load of space?

It sounds intriguing. Right? But what is it?

Feng Shui is the primordial Chinese art of harmonizing the area around you – with the primary goal to 'create energy flow,' instead of just 'tidying things up.'

Undoubtedly, dealing with clutter is a pain in the neck, but tackling your mess for Feng shui-minded people is an exciting activity. And so, do it for yourself, do it for the sake of Feng shui! But during the process, don't forget to breathe because you're going to need a lot of patience as this decluttering technique requires the withdrawal of lousy energy and emotions along with unneeded stuff.

Now for the reveal: when it comes to decluttering using Feng shui techniques, start by addressing the junk's route – it could be your room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any other space. Therefore, check out our top 6 decluttering techniques that feature Feng shui!

  1. Start by wearing something red

If not red, at least wear something from the warmer side of the color spectrum.

Your thoughts: why the heck would I want to wear something red while cleaning my apartment?

Well, according to Kingston, red spurs you to commit, and warm colors are calming, making it even easier to let go of things and hence, declutter.

Are there any other colors to pursue/avoid? Yes! You may want to avoid wearing black while decluttering because it attracts low-level sensations and will quickly drain your energy when clearing the mess. Additionally, grey can make you feel indecisive about what goes and what stays.

  1. Downsize it all

Your decluttering session doesn't need to be about you and your space. You can involve some storage companies to assist you – but only once you are done separating what stays and what goes. Just Google storage near me, and you'll know which facility is close to you and which is the best.

You must realize that there is an incredible difference between organizing objects and removing unwanted items. How long are you going to keep adding storing bins in your home to collect unneeded things?

Amassing clutter is not a housing problem; it is a personal problem. Therefore, you must change your behavior and adopt a lifestyle that embodies Feng shui to declutter your home effortlessly.

  1. Make a schedule of your decluttering movement

Don't clear out everything at once – pick a time and date to clear each space one by one. Start small and remain attentive to one area at a time.

Since Feng shui is about warding wicked energy, it is essential to be mindful of your decluttering sessions. Doing one room at a time will help you remain focused and determined instead of making you feel tired and stressed out. On prime of that, decluttering at a slow pace will readily give you a clear-cut idea of what to throw and what to keep. It's that simple!

  1. Think happy thoughts while decluttering

If you think showering before decluttering the Feng-shui way will get rid of your negative thoughts, you are dead WRONG!

Be genuine about this, and ask yourself, am I still holding on to a box of old pictures and love notes from a flop high school love story? If so, it's critical to ask yourself whether that box of things holds you back or defines who you are.

When we have negative emotions attached to certain things, it keeps us from moving on, and that creates a massive obstacle in our life. Therefore, take some time to identify whether you are ready to let go or not!

  1. Play upbeat music – as loud as you can

"Some people prefer to declutter in silence, while others prefer to play music because it keeps them alive," said a diva!

So skip the headphones and turn on your speakers. Pump up the volume to a danceable level. It will keep you engaged and running for hours without getting bored.

  1. Surround yourself with the things you need

Every American household has an average of 300,000 unused items. Of course, that's a SHOCKING number! But it's okay to practice free giveaways. Therefore, if you have copies of things, such as two blenders, it should be a no-brainer to get rid of any one of them. Other than that, take a good hard look in your attic or garage. If you think something is too old-school or damaged, don't give it away; throw it because it won't be of use to anyone if it is broken.

Once you're done, make sure you are left with the things you know you will use in the long haul.


The final word

Now, Feng shui wasn't so hard. Right?

You might not know this, but you have an unavoidable reaction to it when you walk into a room. You may feel happy or peaceful, or you may feel sad and tense, all because of the energy you get from the space.

Clutter is a massive obstacle, and it can only be positively removed if you commit to Feng shui – pun intended!

So follow our tips and make the most out of your decluttering sessions!