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A beloved doggo’s life is pretty tough: they get plenty of walks, cuddles and are fed delicious, healthy meals! Their days consist of, well, either playing, eating or chilling, and there isn’t too much in between!


So, what happens on a dog’s day that makes it so enjoyable? They have the top pet insurance, they’re being well fed - let’s take a look at a weekend day in the life of a beloved doggo!


  1. They wake up with their owner


What?! It’s time to get up? Have some water, biscuits and go outside for a piddle? How exciting!” Dogs get so excited when it’s time to get up, and they have an adorable habit of doing it exactly when their owner is doing it, too! As soon as their owner goes to get out of bed they are right there with them - ready to start the day, which involves the following…


  1. They go for a walk


Are you grabbing that leash? It’s not my favourite thing in the world, but I know it means we’re going to the dog park!” Dogs get so pumped to go for walks: whether they are a docile doggo or an excitable pup, they will express their excitement about going for a walk one way or another.


And that’s just getting them ready to go for a walk…


As soon as you get to the dog park or beach it’s on! Your dog is potentially let off that annoying leash and is allowed to roam free and run around with other doggies. Sure, they love their owner more than anything in the world, but they also love meeting new dogs and playing at the park!


After all, they’re dogs, and they need interaction with other dogs, of course.


  1. They have an afternoon nap


After all that fun and excitement at the local park it’s definitely time for a relaxing nap (or two, or three!). Dogs love getting all pumped up, letting out some of that built-up energy and then coming home to chill out and have a good nap. They may wake up for a little bit, but it’s also very likely they will jump straight back in bed after a little water or an outside piddle!


  1. Some noise wakes them from their slumber


Most dogs are pretty good watchdogs, and this means the smallest noise coming from outside can awaken them from their slumber and send them barking to the front door. But it doesn’t take long for them to realise it was just some passing neighbours, and they happily (and perhaps sheepishly) return to their afternoon snooze!


  1. It’s dinner time


After all that playing and sleeping a dog is going to be hungry, right? Right! Dinner time for a pet is every bit as exciting as dinner time for a human - you can tell just by seeing how excited they get for their din-dins! Whether it’s chicken, beef, lamb or even something from their owner’s plate (be careful not to make a habit of feeding them straight from your plate!), they love a good feast, and why not?


  1. It’s time to chill!


Back to relaxing, but this time they’re usually settling in for the night. They’ve had an awesome day with their owner and other dogs, and now they’re ready to cosy up with their owner and have a good peaceful sleep, hoping to do much of the same the next day (given it’s Sunday, of course!).