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NAPA VALLEY, CA – Green Key Real Estate, an environmentally conscious real estate agency operating in California, has been chosen to broker the sale of the historic Pope Valley Winery, a landmark vineyard in Northern California’s distinctive Wine Country.

"Being out in the middle of this one of a kind property, reminds me of how great it is to be alive," says broker Thomas Neece, who adds the winery offers a chance to “turn left, and go back a 100 years.”

Pope Valley Winery was founded in 1897 when, Ed Haus first went into business crushing grapes and pressing olives for oil. Since then, the Winery has survived good times and bad, even flourishing during the challenging times of Prohibition and the Great Depression, when its wines were served in Al Capone’s infamous Chicago speakeasies. Though it has changed hands over the years, the winery continues to put out quality products and attract wine enthusiasts from around the world.

"Pope Valley Winery and Vineyard offers an inspirational story and unique investment opportunity,” says Neece.

According to Neece, some of Pope Valley Winery’s principal attractions are its blacksmith shop, wagon shed and original farmhouse, which also include some of the tools from when the vineyard first opened. The property is nestled just northeast of Napa Valley on a picturesque landscape, and is home to not only forty acres of beautiful farm country, but also over eighty acres of prime vineyard lands and six buildings. The winery produces just over 5,000 cases per year.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Green Key Real Estate (GKRE) is an eco-friendly agency that works with a variety of buyers, sellers and developers looking to do business in the California real estate market. Thomas Neece, lead broker for the Pope Valley Winery, and one of the owners of GKRE, is a graduate of the University of California-Santa Cruz and a champion of “Green” communities and eco-friendly developments. Mr. Neece was a leader in the development of the first all-Solar subdivision in Northern California.

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