Singapore — Online travel portal Etravel Connect has launched an application for Apple devices that will help travellers search and compare tour packages across travel agencies in Singapore as well as locate the best hotel deals on the internet.

Etravel Connect website, launched in January 2014, is a meta search engine for travel packages. It collaborates with local travel agencies to publish their travel packages on its website, creating a one-stop travel portal for travelers.

With the new app, travellers can now compare and browse through travel packages offered by various travel agencies in Singapore on their mobile devices. For those who prefer to plan their own holidays, the app also allows online booking of hotels and activities – for example, a Grand Canyon tour, a Mount Fuji private tour or a Blue Mountain hike.

“Travellers are going to love the convenience of our new iPhone app,” said Cecilia Lohanata, Director of Etravel Connect. “Now, they can browse for tour packages and find travel deals anywhere, any time on their mobile devices in addition to using our convenient and comprehensive travel website.”

The new Etravel Connect app for Apple devices can be downloaded for free at

About Etravel Connect

Etravel Connect is a one-stop vacation portal that consolidates tour packages from various travel agencies in Singapore. Their mission is to allow travellers to find the tour packages that best suit their needs from the comfort of their own homes. The website and corresponding mobile app allow vacation seekers to compare itineraries, prices and departure dates of tour packages offered by various travel agencies in Singapore. With Etravel Connect, travellers can explore vacation ideas, read reviews from fellow travelers, seek vacations for less than $500, plan European vacations and summer break getaways and much more.

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