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  • Written by Lisa Kelly
There are a number of times you’ll wonder what to do on a short unplanned holiday. Well, the best thing you can do in this scenario is to take a short trip with your family and experience something new and adventurous. You can visit theme parks, beaches, national parks or tour a city that you have never explored. One of the best and most chosen day-out trips is the one day Grand Canyon bus tour. This tour is one of its kinds and helps you experience a lot in just a day so you come back with memories that you can hold close to you for a long time.

The Grand Canyon bus tour covers a number of beautiful places such as Hoover dam, Lake Mead and much more, but the best place to watch out for on this tour is the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest national parks in the USA. This park is located in Arizona and the main feature of this park is the Grand Canyon which is a gorge of the Colorado River and often considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

This park is over 1,217,262 acres is size and covers various areas in Coconino and Mohave countries. This park is divided into two distant sections the north rim and the south rim. While the north rim is not very popular and has lesser roads, the south rim is quite popular with tourist.

Some tourist like coming to the north rim too, just to get a glimpse of the entire park and if you're planning on visiting the north rim then you could try a few hiking trails. Some trails connect with the South rim. These trails are always better since you can move to the south rim and do much more.

The south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park has a lot to offer for tourists, so plan your visit accordingly.

  1. Free ranger programs - You could choose to learn about nature, science and the culture of the Grand Canyon for free
  2. Visitor centers and Museums - There are a number of museums in the south rim and a visitor center that can provide all the park information you require.
  3. IMAX- You can choose to catch up with a movie that helps you learn all about the Grand Canyon. This is great for kids and adults too love this experience.
  4. Other activities - The south rim also has various adventure activities such as camping, hiking and cycling. Apart from this you can also choose to take a mule ride around the south rim.

This national park has a lot to offer and if you’re in the mood for some relaxation combined with adventure then the Grand Canyon bus tour is an ideal option for you and your family. Leading bus tour booking platforms online that provide these tours at best prices. It’s important to choose the right platform to make your bookings and enjoy a trip to this national park to the fullest.

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