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  • Written by Robert Kruse
Pittsburgh, PA – 2440 Media announces the release of Sick Journal, a free, online health journal that will allow parents, especially moms, keep track of their children’s (and the entire family’s) health history. With the release of Sick Journal, users can easily log their family’s health information as it occurs without having to worry that it might get lost or misplaced.

2440 Media designed Sick Journal to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Sick Journal users can quickly track the sicknesses that their kids usually have, how often they they get sick, and determine what’s going on with their family. Sick Journal allows users to log the medications they take and time of use, creating a personal record of their medicinal usage.

Robert Kruse, Executive Producer at 2440 Media, had his own personal need for the Sick Journal system. “I wanted a way to keep track of my migraine headaches, so I could look for any patterns that might contribute as to why I was getting them. Over the years, I tried to keep track on papers here and there, but they are all lost, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to develop Sick Journal.”

Often, parents keep track of their child’s sicknesses, doctor visits, and medications on a piece of paper, on a calendar, or in a diary. But, paper can be easily lost and can be hard to search through if you have a lot of it. Kruse adds, “My wife was writing notes everywhere when our kids were sick, when the doctor diagnosed something, and what meds they took. It was a real mess. Now she simply punches it in on her smartphone and it’s all organized in one place.”

Sick Journal not only allows users to privately and securely keep track of their personal health data, it is also host to a growing online community. The forum area allows users to connect with one another and discuss common ailments, share experiences on medical topics, and converse about their situations.

- Sick Journal is free to use
- It is private and secure
- Users can add unlimited journal entries
- Users can keep track of unlimited family members
- It is simple and easy to use

About Sick Journal

Sick Journal allows people to keep a personal journal of their health. It will keep track of sicknesses, doctor visits, and medication usage for multiple family members. All journal information is easily searchable by date and by person, as well as private and secure. Visit

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