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  • Written by Camilo Mendoza
New York, NY – GOMA Industries has just released the GOMA Solid, a GoPro suction cup mount . It was carefully designed to attach the highly popular GoPro and other hero like cameras to windshields, hoods, sunroofs, and any other solid surfaces. It has just launched on . Normally this product would cost $19.99 plus shipping but for a short time GOMA Industries is offering GOMA Solid at $14.99 and in some instances that includes free shipping.

With the many places that the GoPro camera can be used the GOMA Solid is the way to get that perfect shot. Many people bought hero cameras to capture breathtaking diving shots or extreme mountain climbing, or even high flying dirt biking but found that holding the camera was cumbersome and sometimes dangerous. The suction cups holders on the market up to that point, worked poorly and would often given out causing the GoPro to fall. This would cause damage to the users very expensive GoPro. However, with the GOMA Solid that is no longer an issue. With the GOMA Solids ability to attach to virtually any material, a GroPro Camera can travel anywhere its owner wants to explore and document. With its superior suction ability it’s sure to not fall off.

The GOMA Solid is a 3-axis 180-degree arm system that allows for easy framing of any shot. It offers a convenient quick-release base that allows the camera to be removed within seconds. Being fully compatible with all GoPro editions ensures that down the line any user will be able to transition this product to their brand new GoPro camera. However, GOMA Solid isn’t just restricted to GoPro cameras it can be utilized to other hero cameras as well.

GOMA Industries
Contact: Camilo Mendoza

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