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  • Written by Aimee Morgan
Montreal, Canada - She was hatched from an egg the color of brilliant blue sapphires. Not knowing from where she came, or who she really is, Magelica is magically transported in a flying bathtub on an extraordinary adventure to the Isle of Dreams, unleashing the power of the imagination, the importance of positivity, kindness, love, gratitude, and the gift of believing in one’s self.

This beautifully illustrated book by creator and author Louise Courey Nadeau, is a fairy tale trilogy with its first entry, Magelica’s Voyage, available in time for the holidays in English, Spanish and French. In addition, the Magelica Book and Necklace Gift Set is available, which includes a magical feather necklace, symbolic of the fairy tale, and quickly becoming a collectors item among girls, ages 7-11, around the globe,

Louise Courey Nadeau has created a series of extraordinary characters that strike at the very core of self-confidence, teaching young girls to believe in themselves, and that anything imagined is possible. The wonderful first story introduces Magelica, the beloved Gri who raised her, Magelica’s friends Tris, the baby dragon and Odin the wacky Warblegrif, the touching messages of Queen Raya and Wally the Wizard from the Isle of Dreams and the uniting magic of the special feathers.

Louise combines marketing genius from tenure in women’s cosmetics and advertising, with being the mother of four and an avid charity/fundraiser, to create a bond between young girls and Magelica, a bond that she finds an incredible honor.

“I created Magelica as an independent spirit to help girls develop their self-esteem, sense of imagination and adventure, and to help them to grow up to be self-confident young women who will motivate and inspire others, says Courey. “It is an incredible honor to see girls gravitating to the very essence of what Magelica’s represents —love, kindness, responsibility and believing in one’s self, and to experience first hand the positive impact it is having on their lives. Our desire is to bring Magelica to girls across the globe for the holidays.”

The Magelica’s Voyage book and the Magelica Gift Set, including the feather necklace, are available at the Magelica Store at

Book Reviews:
Consistently 5 Stars,

"Magelica’s Voyage is truly a special story that will teach kids that it’s important to believe in yourself and others…this book is beautifully illustrated..." - Jeff Botch, GoodReads, Fullerton CA

"Magelica's Voyage… is a beautifully written enchanting tale filled with alluring adventure…Magelica takes young girls and the special people in their lives on a fun, inspiring voyage about making your life magical." - Stacie Theis, BeachBoundBooks, CA

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