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  • Written by Jacob Willam
China - The Hot MIUI REDMI octa-core phone from electric digital smoker lyfmall could be regarded as the most cost-effective choice for these people who do not such finance to get one set of expensive branded phone. Now, this article will help each people know some actually information about this smart phone made-in-china.

The first highlights of Hot MIUI REDMI octa-core smart phone should be its octa-core CPU. But its disadvantage lies in the CPU brand is MediaTek. Inc which is pure China designing and producing. The CPU of this phone has 1.5GHZ main rate. However, China produced CPU also has very good performance. People need to abandon their former prejudice.

Second, the RAM memory of the Hot MIUI REDMI octa-core smart phone from LYFMALL is only 2GB. This configuration for Android operation platform is indeed a little bit lacking. However, if people do not play the so high level game, this RAM memory is already enough. This smart phone also has 8GB flash-inch which is the equivalent of the space of the computer hard drive. If people want to open more application on it, they need to buy SD card to support it. This is a disadvantage but it can also be considered as an advantage as people can buy an inexpensive SD card to compensate this disadvantage. On the other hand, this phone own the GPU which name is Mali-450 mp4 and people will enjoy the fluently HD film playing on this phone.

Thirdly, this phone could standby dual SIM card. This should be the big advantage of this low price made-in-china smart phone. There are no disadvantages of this factor.

The MIUI REDMI smart phone also has two common problems.

First one, the plastic sense of the appearance of this phone is too strong. If people have not seen this phone before, they will feel that this phone is just like the faked phone model when they get first look at this phone on the electric digital smokers best online seller lyfmall.

The second problem is that the plastic of this phone let designation of the appearance of this phone is not user-friendly. On the other hand, the hard edge of this phone will also let the touch feeling become so poor.

Overall speaking, the above two problems will not affect the experience for the performance of this phone as most of people prefer to focused on the operation performance of the phone and the high cost-effective Octa-core could give each consumer enough evidence that this phone own fully ability to meet with their demand.

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