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China - Today, famous smart phone and electric digital lyfmall will discuss with clients about the protective phone cases.

Many friends would think that the only function of the protective cover is to protect the machine from the outside friction and scratches or protect phone from harm by felling. This function is indeed one of the main functions of the mobile cases. But this article will help people know more about these functions of mobile phone cases.

First point

As the name suggest, the mobile phone case is to protect the phone from scratches as well as falling from high place. This factor could help to maximum extend the service of each consumer¡¯s smart phone. It is also the initially mind of these people who purchase the protective case. However, this is not the only function of this product.

Second point

From the perspective of deeper analysis, the phone case could also help to protect the smart phone from the low temperature of winter season. Most of friends should have the same feeling that the low temperature is not a seriously problem which could influence the operation of the smart phone. Actually speaking, the answer is that the low temperature could really do some influence with the phone.

The online electric digital timer online seller has done an experiment for whether the low temperature environment could affect the running speed of the phone.
The result of experiments show with people that the long-running at low temperature environment will let the smart phone appear the situation of running slower and the screen response speed will also slows down. On the other hand, it could also do damage to the machine parts of the phone. So, everyone should give their smart phone more protection to during the winter season.

Some people will have the puzzle that they could never face with this problem during winter. This is mainly because they did not use their smart phone at the outdoor areas during the winter season for so long time. Frankly speaking, long-term using for phone at low temperatures will let each people get the feeling that the running speed of their phone has greatly decreasing.

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