Post Tech Science

Butch knew when he started his career that he wanted to accomplish big things. He has always had a desire to make a difference. Joining a large financial services group, he realized immediately that he had found a vehicle to accomplish this goal. He was coached and mentored well, and he learned every aspect of financial services. He had become one of the principal “Communicators” for the company. By 37 Butch had built a team that spread across 30 cities across America. He was now sharing his passion and mastery of financial services with other leaders as well as his unique talent for business building.

Butch identified the need to bring unbiased advice to families and proceeded to launch his own company. The focus would be to teach people about money and to be more responsible for their own net worth. His has influenced thousands of associates and thousands of clients have been taught these principles. Today Butch is a business entrepreneur still dedicated to making a difference. Butch also started a marketing company to help companies more efficiently communicate their message to the public. As a sales and marketing expert, he is in demand within the Media & Advertising industry designing sales and marketing strategies to help many businesses around the country. Currently he is working on a National Sales & Marketing program that will enable thousands of associates to service the millions of existing businesses that has responded to his program across the United States.

Butch receives numerous requests to speak about success principles at corporate trainings and events. He is committed to constantly improve the lives of everyone who engages with him.

Name: Butch Chelliah
Address: 8181 E. Kaiser Blvd, Anaheim Hills, Ca 982808
Phone: 714-283-2927