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When you’ve just got home from a chaotic day at work and you’ve got a whole family to feed, housework might be last on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, keeping a neat house is one of those necessarily evils in life if you want to maintain your peace of mind and a presentable home. Don’t worry – there are plenty of simple shortcuts that will make it easier to stay on top of your housework without sacrificing some well-deserved relaxation time.

  1. Make your garden mess-resistant. If you’re fortunate enough to have some nice outdoor space for your kids to run around, you’re probably aware of the issues that it can cause when it comes to mess. The combination of grass and running kids can leave your home filled with mud, so you’re stuck mopping the same space over and over on a daily basis to clear up the mess. Eliminate your mud problem by contacting turf suppliers ryde and installing natural looking, easy to maintain synthetic grass instead. It’ll cut down on your cleaning time and leave you free to relax on the weekend instead of maintaining your lawn.

  2. De-clutter as the day goes on. Don’t leave clutter to build up and evolve into a gigantic mess that’s overwhelming and time-consuming to clean. Pick up clutter as you progress through the day so the house stays in a state of consistent tidiness. This way, you won’t have a ton of tidying up to do at the end of the day, and your space will feel clear and organised.

  3. Use multi-purpose cleaning products. There’s no need to complicate things by buying a ton of different specialised cleaning products that claim to do particular jobs perfectly. Opt for products that offer ‘all-in-one’ cleaning abilities and see how much of your home you can tackle using just that bottle and a few sponges and rags. You can also make your own cleaning solutions with vinegar, baking soda, and other natural alternatives to tackle all of your grime with a few easy sprays.

  4. Clean while you cook. There’s nothing worse than slaving in the kitchen, finally sitting down with the family to eat, and then realising you have an hour of washing up and cleaning to do in the kitchen before you can chill for the night. Plan ahead by cleaning as you work in the kitchen, washing a dish or pot whenever you get a free moment and wiping down the surface regularly.

  5. Delegate tasks. One family member shouldn’t have to shoulder all of the responsibilities of the housework. Spread it out by assigning tasks that suit each family member and their particular ability level. Make a cleaning schedule and ensure that every family member knows what his particular responsibility is. You may need to institute a rewards system to get younger family members involved, but teamwork will make the whole process easier on you as a parent, while teaching your kids a lesson about maintaining a clean household.

  6. Make the most of baby wipes. Still got little ones who use baby wipes? They can be far more useful than you might expect. If you see a spill or a messy spot, grab a wipe and solve the problem quickly with minimal effort.