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A lot of mistakes in life happen because people sometimes do not think before acting. There is no doubt that taking the time to plan and think about the consequences of failure is always a wise option. When you have to move the contents of a family home or even an office, to new premises, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Possessions can be lost, broken or even stolen, under some circumstances but with planning, those unpleasant outcomes can be avoided. For most of us, a DIY removal is not an option as not everyone has time, trucks or staff to call on, so we need to use the services of a professional removalist service.


How to choose a removalist


The first step is to write down everything that has to be moved so that when you obtain quotations, you can get an accurate price, not just a guess. Every removalist that you call to ask for a price, will need to know where the items are, what the items are and where they will be going. They will want to know about things like whether there is a lift in high buildings, easy street access and any time limits on when access can be obtained.

Armed with your list and details of the move, you can set out to find the best removal deal.

Often price is not the only consideration. It is best not to even think about hiring amateur removalists or part timers armed with some unemployed mates and a hired ute. The price that you get from that sort of business might be low but it will not be efficient and your items will be at risk.

Having decided to use the services of a reputable furniture removal business, you can call the most promising candidates for your moving task and then ask a lot of questions. It is best to ask the same questions for every candidate.




You will need to know what trucks and lifting aids they own. It is a fair conclusion take they are a professional removal service if they own their own trucks with sign writing on the sides.

If they say that they will borrow or hire trucks, it is best to scratch them off your short list.




Take the time to look at every main page of removalist's web sites to see if there are testimonials. Read them and take notice of them only if the name of the referee is published. If you can, make a call to check with the person or business that offered the testimonial.

If there are no testimonials on the removalist's web site, ask why? That might be a reason to move on to the next business on your list.


Google Reviews


Do a Google Search for the business and see if there is a Google for Business feature on the right hand side of search results.

Being on Google for Business is not something that can be done overnight and it is a sign that the business is reputable. There will always be Google Reviews where people who have used the business are asked to vote with between one and five stars along with written comments. You can't remove bad Google Reviews so they provide a fair and balanced assessment from a lot of people.




Ask whether the removalist has its own staff or removal crew available to do your job, should they be awarded the business. Enquire about what they wear and whether or not they will carry identification.

If you are informed that they will be using casual labourers, then maybe move on to next on your list.


Do they offer self storage or secure storage


Sometimes not every item to be moved will fit where it is going. In that case, you will want to store some items for the short or long term. It is always better if your removalist has storage facilities.

It is even better, if you can access the storage or self storage any time that you want.


Sub contractors


Sometimes furniture removalists use subcontractors. They might get the job and allocate it to another business that is paid a part of what the client pays.

If they do subcontract, ask why they do and ask yourself how that will benefit or potentially harm your chances of having an easy shift.




Discuss insurance with the candidates for your move contract.

Always insure your contents against a wide range of unpleasant outcomes that could include, destruction if the truck overturns on a highway, complete loss if the truck catches fire or partial loss if the workers or outside opportunists take a liking to your possessions.


Pack option


Some customers like to do their own packing over a period of time leading up to the move. Other clients like to simply call in a removalist and leave everything to them.

The convenience and stress of a move can be reduced if your removalist offers a full removal service option.


Boxes and protective covers.


When getting a removal quote, some people assume that the removalist will provide boxes and protective blankets or bubble wrap as a part of the price. That is not always the case. Some removalists charge extra for those even though they may take them back at the end of the job.

Attention to the small details may well save you money and pain.


Single journey - same day


Will the removalist move your domestic or business items in one go?

It is often inconvenient when they unload your goods and await another business' goods to complete a truck load before embarking on the final journey.

Unloading and reloading will make the removal take longer and it creates more opportunities for items to be lost, stolen or damaged.


Unloading - more than creating piles


If you do not want to have to arrange and unpack your own boxes at the end of the move, then ensure that your quotation includes sufficient time at the new location for the workers to unpack and actually place items where they are wanted. There have been some unhappy customers who did not make it clear that they wanted items placed correctly and ended up with stacked up items in the wrong rooms.




You will get what you pay for with a professional removalist but there are dangers of using removalists who are new to the industry and do not have sufficient resources.


Ensure that you ask the right questions and make sure that the documentation reflects the deal that you negotiated.

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