A job that brings you joy and feeds your passion is surely something every person dreams about. People have a craving for many things, and one of them is whiskey. If you are looking to become a professional whiskey taster, then make sure you have a few distilleries and options in front of you. A whiskey distillery like Archie Rose is perfect for you to build upon your experience and enhance your learning capabilities. Working in a place that has multitudes of whiskey essentials truly helps you in building your capabilities in this field further. Relaxing with a little whiskey to unwind seems like the perfect end to a stressful day. Various people are so deeply rooted in their desire for whiskey that it makes them keen to become a professional whiskey taster. If you have a passion for whiskey, then you too can become a whiskey taster. Here are some ways that can you in working towards it and becoming a professional whiskey taster.

Search for Opportunities


Firstly to be able to do anything professionally, you must search for opportunities surrounding it. Try to interview for a distillery for this role, as that is one place that can teach you everything and anything about whiskey. After working there for a while, you can get to know the types of whiskeys that are created and the divergent ways that you can savour certain ones. It can help you understand the craft better and make you more aware of the other opportunities that may come along with it.

Professional Studies


Did you know that you could study about whiskey tasting? Yes, you read that right; if you truly want to pursue your whiskey passion and want to become a professional taster, then there are various courses that you can take. These courses can help you in educating and understand the craft of tasting whiskey most sublimely. There are also different levels of certifications that you can achieve for whiskey tasting according to your needs. The main idea behind these courses is to equip a taster in logical tasting training and the discipline of how your brain deciphers flavor and scents. This can help you in a long way and take you all around the globe to many distilleries and bars. It trains you in the art of whiskey and makes you certain about the traits that are required in a good kind of whiskey. Studies enables you to identify the feasible age of whiskey that could help you out in quality inspection.

Love for Whiskey


Having the love and passion for a certain thing can go a long way. If you do something without love or passion, then it often becomes boring and burdens your life. However, if you do it for love and desire, then it never gets boring no matter what. If whisky is your passion and love than becoming a professional taster is your destiny. Make sure you are fully aware of your whiskey. From its history to its story, every aspect comes into play when you become a professional connoisseur. Just tasting distinct flavors is not the only thing but knowing the story and history about them is crucial. Making others understand your points through detailed factors of a particular whiskey is what draws attention to a professional taster. The way you present your whiskey tasting knowledge is something that can show your dedication and devotion for your craft.



The smell is a powerful weapon for anyone who wants to become a professional whiskey taster. A human has 400 diverse scent receptors and can pinpoint over a trillion distinctive smells. With this dynamic power, you can become the perfect dedicated whiskey specialist. Make sure that you are practising the art of nosing down your whiskey impeccably. Whenever you smell a whiskey, do it in parts rather than taking huge sniffs. This can overpower your receptors and mask the true aroma of your spirit. Also inhaling the smell for a long time can make you feel dizzy. It is best if you try to take three to four small sniffs to get the true scent of your whiskey. This will give you the true character of your whiskey in terms of aroma. It is best if you let your mind go black and allow your sense of smell to do the work for you while you taste your whiskey.

Know the Techniques


Tasting your whiskey the right way is also an art. It has its rules and techniques that can heighten your experience and make you the expert in tasting your whiskey. First things first, the glass in which you taste your whiskey plays a very important role. Some glasses are better for a tasting session of your whiskey. The coptia and Glencairn whiskey glass are specifically made to taste whiskey. They are specially designed to enhance the swirling, observing and drinking of your spirit. The shapes of these respective glasses permit the connoisseur to appreciate the elusive scent and essences of the drink. Then comes the knack of whiskey legs. This particular technique helps you in understanding how quick or slow the remnants of alcohol coat the sides of the glass before going down after you swirl it. If it goes down quicker, your whiskey might be light and vice versa.

Palette Development


Palette development is another very important thing that needs to be taken into consideration when becoming a professional whiskey taster. This particular skill can take you very far if you conquer the virtuosity of it well. The way you taste and classify the types of whiskey is what makes you professional in all forms. Remember to be poetic whenever you describe the taste of your whiskey rather than just being basic. Make sure your first sip, then savor and finally swallow your whiskey when you taste it. This is the only way that can give you an in-depth understanding of the flavors of your spirit. Pay attention to how the whiskey interacts with your taste buds. Does it feel fruity or maybe a little spicy? It might be a little sett with a tinge of citrus that comes up at the end. There can be many variations, so make sure you are aware of them.



Becoming a professional whiskey taster can be tough, so make sure you are prepared for it. Hone your skills with necessary techniques to ensure that you are practicing all the abilities needed to become a good professional whiskey taster. With a little practice and dedication, anyone can master this artfully.