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It can be difficult to pick the right type of flooring for your home. Timber and tile are popular choices, especially in areas where there is heavy track or chances of things being spilled.

But, there is little that can beat carpet for the bedroom or other places with less traffic flow and a more relaxed atmosphere. You can buy carpet flooring anywhere and it can be refitted however you like.

Unfortunately, even the best-fitted carpets can encounter issues that need to be addressed. It’s a good idea to be aware of the most common carpet problems and know how to fix them.


As your carpet ages, you may start to notice dark areas, often seen as lines through the carpet that are darker than the rest of it. These lines are often at the edges of the room and run under floor-length drapes.

The issue actually occurs thanks to the air flowing over your carpet. The air isn’t strong enough to lift the carpet but it does carry a variety of dirt particles. These particles tend to settle, allowing the carpet to appear darker than it is.

If these are left it can be very difficult to remove them.


If you use carpet in areas where there is heavy traffic you’ll find that the pie of the carpet is forced in many different directions every day. This results in it being compressed and appearing darker.

Because there is so much traffic, once the carpet appears darker it is difficult to change this coloration. However, you can slow down the progress of this by insisting shoes are off on the carpet and by vacuuming in one direction only.


Almost anything can stain your carpet, especially if it’s not cleaned up straight away. It is possible that something was dropped without you realizing it. The marks then appear once the carpet is properly cleaned.

Commonly cleaners containing bleach have this effect. It’s best to note any spills and dab the carpet to remove them as soon as possible. If bleach is allowed on your carpet you should use it sparingly.

Pet Smells

In a perfect world, your pet would only ever do their business outside. However, there are many incidents that occur inside your home and you may not have known they’ve occurred

Unfortunately, pet odors can generally slide through the carpet and impregnate the floor underneath. No matter how hard you scrub your carpet the floor under will still be stained and the aroma will still be present in the room.

You’ll need to remove the carpet and clean it on both sides. It will also be necessary to clean the subfloor with bleach or something similar to ensure the aroma is completely gone.


A well-fitted carpet has a smooth finish from edge to edge. However, if you’ve installed it yourself or the installer has failed to follow standard protocols then the carpet won’t be stretched properly and will start to ripple. This can cause trip hazards and uneven wear.

You’ll need to re-stretch the carpet into position to eliminate the ripples.


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