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One of the most important things to learn as a new cat owner is cleaning your cat’s litter box. Check out self cleaning options like these for instance.


Cats are impeccably neat creatures and so you have a duty to ensure your pet’s litter box is clean.


Now, maybe you just got a cat and you are confused on how to clean the litter, or you have to take care of a friend's cat over the weekend, either way, this article explains How to clean your cat’s litter box;step by step.


A daily routine:


As a daily routine, the first thing you want to do is that upon setting your cat's litter box, you want to set up a trash can nearby. Doing this will ensure litter or waste does not fall to the ground when transporting the litter.


Then before cleaning your cat's litter box, you have to put on masks and gloves, gloves for protection of your hands, and masks to keep out the toxins of urine and faeces from entering your respiratory system.


Endeavour to scoop out feces everyday and if you can afford to, twice a day will do for a really neat box. ensure you get a special scooper from the pet store, these scooters have grated bottoms, so as you scoop solid waste, the litter dusts back down to the bottom.


If you use the kind of litter that clumps, urine will definitely clump up and you have to scoop it out.




All these can be done on a daily basis, but you still want to ensure thorough cleaning of your cat's litter box. Some experts might recommend once a month while others might recommend every week. But cats are flinchy animals if the litter isn't neat enough, they would abandon its use.


LITTER CHANGE: Change the litter in the box every week. Like I said earlier, you would want a trash can nearby, so you don't get litter or waste on the floor that might be as a result of walking long distances with the litter tray.


WASHING: Wash the litter box completely with soap and water or even a chemical based solution. What you don't want to do, is you don't want to use a cleaning solution with a very strong scent. This can easily repel your cat.


DRYING: Ensure you dry the litter box completely before you put in fresh litter so as to avoid clumping at the edges and in the bottom of the tray.


BAKING SODA: If you are occupied and cannot afford everyday scooping, you might want to consider putting baking soda at the bottom before adding your litter. This absorbs the pungent stench of urine.


Conclusion. Your cat wouldn’t make use of the litter box if it's dirty, if it does, it could fall ill and then you would have to pay the vet a visit. I hope this article helps you in your journey to becoming a responsible cat owner.


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