New York--Aug. 11...
The race for New York governor is now an eight-point contest -- 49-41 -- among New Yorkers aware of the unravelling scandal involving Governor Andrew Cuomo's Moreland Commission, the campaign of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and New York gubernatorial campaign today noted.
The U.S. Attorney is investigating the Cuomo Administration for possible obstruction of justice and other charges after reports broke that Mr. Cuomo and his surrogates steered corruption investigations away from Cuomo political allies.  
According to the latest Siena College Poll, released today, 49% of New Yorkers aware of the Moreland Scandal support Mr. Cuomo for re-election, while 41% support Mr. Astorino.  Remaining voters polled are still undecided which candidate they will support in November. For New Yorkers still unaware of the Moreland Scandal, Mr. Cuomo leads by a wider margin, according to Siena.  The poll is available here.
"We don't pay much attention to polls this early, but Siena does show what we are anecdotally noticing within the campaign: When people realize they were burned again by another Albany politician, they become quickly ready to throw Andrew Cuomo aside," said Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. "New Yorkers have been promised the moon by the likes of Andrew Cuomo before; they won't be fooled twice."
Ms. Proud noted that the Moreland Scandal has been in the news for less than three weeks -- and in the dog days of summer when most people aren't paying attention to politics -- so many people will learning about Moreland for the first time when September rolls around.
"Andrew Cuomo is under 50% right now with the best educated voters in New York," she continued, "it will be our job to educate every voter about what Andrew Cuomo did with Moreland, and about the tax relief, ethics reforms, and job creation programs Rob Astorino will bring with him to Albany."
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