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The vape coil is a crucial element when it comes to vaping, so you'll want to ensure it is in the best condition at all times. A burnt out coil may result in dry and uncomfortable hits, which you naturally don't want. While you can prolong the lifespan of a vape coil through regular cleaning, you should be aware of some telltale signs that indicate you need to replace them entirely:


You Have A Strange Aftertaste In Your Mouth After Vaping

If you have a strange aftertaste in your mouth while or are a vape, then it could be because something is wrong with the e-cigarettes sold in Australia. Consider the following:

  • A burnt taste in your mouth is a sign that the vape coil has gone bad or that it is dirty – if the coil is black or looks like it has been fried then it is burnt

  • Clean the coil and try vaping again to check whether the taste continues or has gone away – if damaged, then the taste will continue

  • A vape coil that is damaged could ultimately cause harm to the e-cigarette so it may need instant replacement

Replacing the coil will ultimately help to protect the longevity of your e-cigarette. This is a good way to ensure you get to it before it gets worse and forces you to replace the whole e-cigarette instead of just the coil.

You Hear A Gurgling-Like Sound During A Vape

A gurgling-like sound during a vape could be an indicator that the coils are going bad. Consider the following:

  • A coil that stops functioning optimally will start to make a gurgling noise

  • A gurgling noise can hamper the entire vaping experience

  • A gurgling noise indicates that there is considerable damage to the coil

If this happens, replace the coil and check for the sound again. If it persists, then there may be another issue with your e-cigarette that needs to be fixed.

Your E-Liquid Flavour Is Completely Different

When you choose an e-liquid flavour, it's probably because it's something you enjoy and want to experience while vaping. But what happens when it tastes completely different? It could be because the coils have gone bad. Consider the following:

  • The e-juice leaves a bitter or foul taste in your mouth, which is completely different from the sweet or foodie taste you expected or what it used to taste like previously

  • The coil may not be performing naturally and may have become damaged over prolonged use

  • Check the flavour once you have replaced the coil to see whether it seems normal again. If not, there may be another problem with your e-cigarette

More often than not, coil replacement will return the flavour to normal. But if not, you may need to get the e-cigarette checked out because there may be another problem that you're not aware of.

You Notice A Leak In Your E-Cigarette

If you notice a leak in your e-cigarette, then it could be for a variety of reasons, including damaged vape coils. Consider the following:

  • *  Check where the leak is – if it is around the coil area, then it could indicate damage to the coils themselves

  • Check the coils for any indication of damage or leaks – they may start to look worn out or burnt

  • Check to see whether the leak still persists after you change the coils – if yes, then there could be another problem you need to look into

A leak in your e-cigarette is never a good sign, but the extent of the damage will depend on the issue itself. If the coil is at fault, then simple replacement will do the trick. Otherwise you may have a more complex problem on your hands.


The decision to replace your coils will depend on how often you vape. If you vape regularly, then your coils will need to be replaced more often because of regular use. If you're a casual vaper, then you will need to replace them less frequently. Every once in a while, you’ll encounter issues with your e-cigarette that requires replacement of a part. If the coil goes bad, then don't use the e-cigarette until you replace it to enjoy your vaping experience once again.