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Studying Engineering is always a wise decision when you are looking for a career. Engineers are highly valued in the labor field and derived from it they have greater benefits in the economic aspect. Today we present some information about Software Engineering.

Innovation, passion, ability to analyze, logical, and mathematical thinking; these are some of the characteristics that students and graduates of Software Engineering possess.

Career Benefits

The knowledge developed during Software Engineering; allows our students to use technologies and tools for the design, construction, development, and maintenance of software in any organization or company.

Software Engineering is one of those careers that enjoy the highest demand in the labor field; besides that, salaries can be much more attractive due to the intelligent solutions that graduates provide to organizations. This is due to the great technological boom that is being loved worldwide.

Software engineers can independently consult or work in public or private organizations, both national and international. They can work in software development, project management, software factories, and similar companies.

When studying Software Engineering, students have the opportunity to specialize in the areas of "Animation and Videogames" and "Web Applications Architecture and Quality". These are profitable trends that will help them be more successful in the labor market.

Similarly, students receive certification courses with international validity in programs such as Microsoft, Java, UML, and SAP; with no additional cost. Plus, the curriculum is focused on practice from the first semester.

Keeping up with the Trends

Given the technological advances, the software engineering career is a career with a very high work requirement, which reports good levels of income and opportunities in the software development industries. They are encouraged to enter this very new field, but nevertheless being a good software engineer requires a lot of creativity, artistic imagination, capacity for innovation, capacity for analysis and systematization, and a high capacity for spatial abstraction.

The university education for software engineering career is relatively new. The massification of the personal computer (PC) market and the search for the systematization of large tasks or complex tasks in the late eighties, made it appear as a new need. For its design, operation, and maintenance, the necessity of a new type of professional software engineer has become crucial.

The university faculties dedicated to the teaching of software engineering career ensure that the student understands the development process that follows a product such as software. It involves everything from its creation through its operation as well as its maintenance, always framed in quality standards and at the service of a certain organization or work area.

In the software engineering degree, the studies have a duration of 5 years. The software engineering graduates may serve as software analysts, software designers and can develop software maintenance and quality assurance. But they can also hold managerial positions in the state sector as well as in the private sector. They can also be researchers, private consultants, or university teachers.

Software Engineering students must possess some skills and abilities such as the following:

  • Knowledge of applied mathematics.

  • Analysis capacity.

  • Systematization capacity.

  • Creativity

  • Innovation capacity.

  • Planning capacity.

  • Observation ability.

A wonderful combination

Today software has become the means of work, study, and entertainment of millions of people because life is not conceived without its use, and an increase in the emergence of new computer needs has made possible the emergence of specialized software. Therefore, the labor market is increasingly growing, demanding new training opportunities from universities, which in turn are forced to create a software engineering career.

Science and technology development policies in developed countries have led to the emergence of large technology parks. Today some less developed countries are trying to work on the creation of technological development areas where via exemptions the large industries in the world of computer science, including software developers, are installed. This begins to attract local talent and for this, it is necessary to prepare it for venturing into the study of software engineering.

Today we can read in many local newspapers about the requirement of software developers for other countries with salaries above our local reality. Even the large software development companies have managed to outsource the individual services of software engineers residing in other countries, mainly India and Pakistan. We call it outsourcing, an action that has allowed software costs to remain within the ranges provided by the market.

But do not forget about those who want to study the career of Software Engineering and among all the required capabilities, the main capacity that someone who wishes to be a software engineer must have is to synthesize a flowchart to propose a solution to a problem.

Labor market demand

It's a reality, the world is in dire need of good developers.

It is a profession in high demand and that is not about to change. Many companies are desperately looking to hire an individual on a permanent contract or entrust freelance development missions.

And if you think about it, in the future, there will always be more software or web applications to maintain and develop. So, choosing a developer is a good bet in the future!

Developer job on the job market

Are there other professions that make it easy to find work? Probably! But the king of the job market is still the job of developer!


So, it's true that the salary of a developer depends on his experience, as in all trades for that matter, and also on his specialty.

And of course, I'm not talking to you about freelance developers who double that figure if they do it rightly.

So, what about other trades?

There are probably some who can bring in even more skills, but I can assure you that the developer is clearly in the high range of salaries that can be obtained in business.

And if your goal is to earn the most money, it is best to start your own business because yes, it can be more difficult but when it gets hit it can go really high.


The job of a developer is that of freedom! Initially, you can choose to be an employee in a large company, work in an agency or be a freelancer. And of course, you can mix it all throughout your career.

And especially if you choose to be freelance, you can take your computer almost everywhere, just a little Wi-Fi and you’re done. Do you want to work at the local cafe or on the other side of the planet?? No problem.

Obviously, there are other trades where it is possible. For example, a writer. Except that, I can't promise you anything about your salary!

Otherwise, most of the traditional trades like a doctor, lawyer, etc. are very difficult to export and you can almost forget the dreams of traveling around the world while working.


The least we can say is that in a developer career, you never get bored!

Those who don't know anything about the code may not believe me. And yet, writing programs constantly call on your creativity – you can create something new every time.

And above all, you have to be constantly trained. In almost all trades, we are led to training on evolutions, and novelties.

A doctor will listen to each new discovery, the arrival of new drugs, or new surgical techniques.

An architect will listen to new aesthetic trends and will have more and more sophisticated tools such as his design software.

A teacher will follow over the years the new reforms, new programs, and will develop his pedagogy.

But a developer learns something new every day.

Technological progress is taking place at lightning speed and you are constantly learning.

To recap if you are looking for an exciting job, quick to learn, that pays well, with always more demand in the job market and above all it can give you the maximum freedom.


Frankly, look no further my friend! Become a developer! There is nothing better. I sincerely think that the developer is the ultimate job and I don't say that because it is mine.

Besides, you know what? The debate is open! If you think you know another profession which provides all these advantages and even more then I will be delighted to know about it, do not hesitate to comment below.