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If you have been studying your competitors and market closely, you would have noticed that the importance of video content marketing for branding and digital marketing is increasing.

However, not everyone can make a kickass video that shoots the right SEO score and get the needed rank of SERPs. For that, you need to follow certain tip and tricks and get down to converting those viewers into actual buyers.

  1. Know about the approximate video length that viewer watch with utmost attention

Whenever you are creating videos, retaining the attention is the key. For that, your video shouldn’t be too short or too lengthy. Ideally, the length of an average video for running an online marketing campaign is about a minute long.

However, it has also been observed that Google would love to show longer duration videos more on the SERPs. So, you need to be expert in knowing what your competitors are doing regarding the video marketing for a higher SEO and what you can do differently from them.

  1. Focus on the catchy phrases and lines to make the viewer binge-watch the video

Ideally, when the viewers watch the video repeatedly, they slowly become influenced to make a purchase or at least recommend it to someone they know. For that, you need to have at least one or two lines in your video, that will make those viewers watch the video again.

However, such expertise to catch the exact mind frame of the viewer is not captured or conquered within days. You need to have a decade’s worth experience in such sector for promising results.

If you are new to video content or marketing, then you can always hire Blurn Australia video marketers and content creators. They know how to indulge in video marketing for a better SEO score and increasing your website’s domain’s authority as well.

Eventually, they will also help you for increasing the organic or paid traffic that leads to incoming revenues you had envisioned.

  1. Float the videos on right platforms

You must know the right social media platforms where viewers watch long or short videos. For example, Instagram users watch shorter videos more, whereas, on Facebook, viewers watch longer videos.

Similarly, there are other platforms where video content is watched more like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and others. So, you can always write, create, and float those branding videos where engagement will be more.

Once the engagement is more, it will draw more audience and customers to your channel. Eventually, your brand presence will increase, and so will the credibility when you get the viewers to talk about what they have seen in those videos.

  1. Hire micro-influencers to act, narrate, or voice-over

If you are studying marketing gimmicks and tactics online, you must know that people often listen to their closed or dear ones to make a regular or heavy purchase. And those people who constantly recommend a brand or a product to someone else for sure-shot purchases, are no one but the micro-influencers.

They are loved by their social circle. And the people in their social circle love to watch or read about they have to offer. So, when you introduce such micro-influencers in the videos that you are planning to shoot or make, then the engagement will rise, SEO will improve, and of course, Google’s crawlers will read those videos more quickly to reward you with a better rank.

Take away points

  • Get a rough estimate to of video’s length

  • Make people binge-watch the same video

  • Choose the right platform to share the video

  • Hire the right people in those videos Australia, 50 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia, is a leading profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency offering a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

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