Animation, visualisation, and the VFX industry are booming in Australia. So much so that the local animation and production companies are reporting an increasing need for artists, graphic designers, art directors, and other staff. More recently, there has been a considerable boom in both 2D and 3D animation Down Under.

Just as is the case in other Australian cities, popular and renowned Melbourne animation studios have been flourishing, demonstrating their significant capacity in the animation and visual effects fields.

Here’s a quick look at some critical facets of this spectacular and fascinating animation industry in Melbourne.


The creative process

Melbourne animators create unique videos customised to meet their clients’ specific needs. Their approach is straightforward, wherein they first have a detailed discussion about the project with the client.

Then, once they have the client’s ideas and vision in hand, they create the storyboard, where the client can experience their vision and direction firsthand. Some of the finest scriptwriters employed at Melbourne animation establishments then create impressive audible stories to match the concept.


2D and 3D animation

Computer animation has improved and come a long way since it originally started as an experiment as early as the 1940s and ’50s. Now, Australia is one of the top countries in the world-renowned for its animation industry.

Experts in the animation field in Melbourne and other Australian cities work dedicatedly to create 2D and 3D animation videos and movies that make a powerful impact on viewers.

These high-end Melbourne animation studios can make just about anything from clean and straightforward messages to complex videos with fun backgrounds and quirky characters! They use an exciting mix of colour, flat, and motion graphics to bring any story to life. The main reason 3D and 2D animation is so popular in the city is that it attracts audiences of all ages.


Mixed media animations

Another specific aspect that famous Melbourne animation studios concentrate on more than others is mixed media animation. These stunning animations use traditional still pictures or live-action footage combined with high-quality animated graphics, illustrations, and text.

These types of mixed media videos are becoming increasingly popular with Melbourne businesses who wish to create customer testimonials, live demos, and other interactive corporate videos.


Motion graphics

Motion graphics are another unique animation art form and are not driven by storylines or characters. Instead, Melbourne animators use their techniques to move graphic elements, text, and shapes. This type of animation is used primarily for television promotions or advertisements, animated logos, and corporate explainer videos.

A fascinating aspect to note is that the skillset that most animations require is not necessarily applicable to motion graphics. That’s because there is no need for animators to mimic facial expressions and body movements here. For this reason, advertisers in Melbourne rely heavily on motion graphics to get their message across to the target audience.


Stop motion animation

Animators in Melbourne work a lot on stop motion animation videos. It combines a series of still pictures slightly different from one another, showing movement when used with speed.

The artists take pictures of real objects at marginally different angles. Each photo is a frame in the video, sort of similar to a flipbook with photographs. It’s among the most challenging animation videos that Melbourne professionals make because it requires excellent photography knowledge and skills.