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  • Written by News Company
Are you a hoarder? Do you have lots of lovely stuff but just not enough room for it all? Don’t worry; you’re not alone - to some extent, we all love to hoard. Be it furniture or clothing, we all have items that we’ve had for years and just can’t seem to bear to part with. The problem is that if you fill your home with things that you no longer need (or want), it’s impossible to create a tidy and organized space. If you want a beautiful home to be proud of you have to get organized - it might seem hopeless, but it’s not.

Focus on one room at a time

Going through your whole house at one time choosing what to keep and get rid of is extremely stressful and overwhelming. Instead, start with one room at a time and work through the items in there. You’ll find that by working on one area at a time that it will be less overwhelming and easier to manage. You can choose to do one room a day or get your entire house done in a weekend; it’s up to you.

Be ruthless

It’s never easy parting with belongings, but if you want a lovely home that’s neat and well organized, you have to be ruthless. Any items that you no longer need or use get rid of. There’s no point keeping things just in case you need them - be ruthless and get rid of anything you no longer need. Just think, the items that you get rid of might be able to help someone else. You see, there’s a silver lining to everything, even getting rid of your old junk.

Consider using self-storage

If you have items that you want but have no use for at the moment, then consider using storage space. While it’s important to get rid of the junk that you don’t need, valuable items that you don’t need right now are worth keeping. They won’t be cluttering up your home anymore and will be safely stored away, giving you the best of both worlds. Just make sure that before you start using self-storage that you can afford the monthly fees.

Be smart about storage space

As someone who likes to hoard, your home must have plenty of smart storage space. If you lack storage, get creative to add more to your home. If your home has plenty of storage space, you’ll find that keeping it organized is much easier. If you don’t have space to store all your bits and bobs, your home is never going to look good. So it’s crucial that you’re smart about storage space and do all that you can to ensure you have plenty of options. From wardrobes to attic storage, there are lots that you can do.

Once you’ve taken these tips on board, you’ll find it much easier to keep your home organized. Be ruthless and get rid of any junk, store what needs storing, and most importantly, be smart about storage space.