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Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines, bejeweled with picturesque forests, which will make you wonder. This island offers a lot of adventures like cave exploring, waterfall climbing, and river rafting. The nature is perfect with its full glory and mysticism. You will find the spotlessly white sand beach and cocktails with tiki straws on the south of the island. In the south, you will also discover the modern capital city of Tagbilaran. This city is dotted with numerous shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and affordable hotels in Bohol. Explore the northern part of the island, where you may mingle with inhabitants who are not used to see tourists too often. Apart from these adventures, this island has a rich history and culture. It was a Spanish colony, later Japanese invasion, and US intervention.

A good Affordable hotel in Bohol has bar, swimming pool, and restaurant. The parking and use of Wi-Fi service is complimentary. The hotel staffs are quite polite and trained and make you feel at home. The rooms are spacious and clean, and you can have a grand view from the attached balcony. The foods they provide are delicious and outstanding.

Chocolate Hill

The Chocolate Hills is the most famous and sought after tourist spot in Bohol. You will be mesmerized by the majestic view of the proportioned lush green mountains, till the horizon. During summer, the hills turned into milk chocolate color, hence the name. In monsoons, the hills again become lush and luxuriant. The hotels arrange a trip to the chocolate mountain. You can hire a motorbike cab enjoying the trail with natural and cultural highlights along the path.

Conservation Conservatory

In Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory, you will find different species of rare butterflies, spiders, birds, caterpillars, flowers, and centipedes. The guide of the habitat will show the native flora and fauna of the island. You will also find an ice cream parlor, which sells all-natural ice cream. The whole tour takes around 30 minutes. This brief tour will introduce to many species of animals, which you never saw in your lifetime.

Visit the bamboo hanging bridge; you will walk across the bamboo intertwine bridge over a slow-flowing river. The deck seems fragile and delicate; with each step, it squeaks; you feel a little tingle in your spine. But the bridge is quite safe, as it supported by secure cables. On the other side of the bridge, there is a small souvenir shop, from which you can buy some mementos to take the tour memorable.

In the southwest area of Bohol, you can enjoy paddle boarding. You will pass through the twisting jungle passageway, enjoying the flawless, pure natural beauty, watching small waterfalls cascading from hilltops. When you book for this river rafting, the operator provides paddle boards, paddle, life jackets, and a complimentary mouth-watering delicious traditional local dish.

The bottom line

When you visit the chocolate mountain, there is a path along a small tributary bounded by lush jungle. Little huts and vendor stations are erected down the road selling refreshments. Some owners of these shops also possess wooden boats, and they are glad to take you for a ride.