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Companies that make cutting edge products, will always make the most amazing advances in technology and design while testing them. The best way to make sure you have the best manufacturing techniques is to have a test facility. In this kind of building, you can have all kinds of challenging environments and pressures put on your products. Samsung has a remote test lab where they perform all their most stringent tests. For a long time, they held the best safety record for a phone that had been dropped in water. They could only make such a product if they had their own test facility, and continually putting their phones through tests as the design developed. This is a principle which all businesses adhere to. You can only make a world-beating product if you’re continuously testing it as it develops. Here is what your facility will need.

Moving in generators

It's important for a test facility to have independent power. It cannot and should not use the power from your office or manufacturing plant. This is because, during test phases, you may have mishaps that cause temporary losses of power. Short-circuiting among other things can occur as you test different materials. But how do you move generators into your facility? You need to use a Crane Hire service which can lift and move the generators into position. There are lots of different cranes you can hire for the job but the rigging style is the best for short-haul moving. The larger relocation and freight transport cranes may not be needed for this kind of job. It's critical that you place the generators in a safe location so that the tests can be performed without employees being shocked.

Protect your workers

No one really knows what could happen during a test, but that’s why they’re done; to find out. Your employees will be working in unstable environments and putting their health on the line. That’s why you need to have strong safety equipment. Everything from helmets, gas masks, goggles, corrosion-proof gloves (chemical-resistant), safety boots and even hazmat suits should be in the facility. Employees must also have a clean and safe place to get undressed, so fitting a locker room outside the facility is a recommended decision. Iodine solution is a staple in testing facilities. This solution should be in a spray bottle or perhaps hitched to a hose. The iodine kills any germs without harming the individual, which is great for any testing space.

An evacuation plan

In case something ever goes wrong inside your test facility, you need to have a procedure for evacuating. Employees should be drilled on sudden and severe events whereby the only safe option is to leave through an exit. In times of panic and chaos, people act irrationally so running the drill a few times a year will keep everyone involved on their toes and alert.

Testing facilities are for all sorts of things. Testing the melting temperature of materials, heating up liquids to gas and blunt force impacts on products, are all things that will make your products better if they apply.