If the thought of heading to the dental clinic is the stuff of nightmares then you might be happy to know that there is a new treatment option that is perfect for you: sedation dentistry!


This treatment form ensures that whilst you are still conscious throughout the procedure you are also very relaxed, without much of a care for the treatment taking place.


Here is why it is perfect for people who hate the dental clinic:


  1. It is a safe option


The best dentist sleep Toorak has is a safe and efficient method that takes place in a state of the art treatment facility. The care equipment found in the centre is that which you would find in a hospital environment, making it a safe option for people with compromised health.


Your health is of the utmost importance to your team - they always work incredibly hard to ensure your health and safety.


  1. A specialised anaesthetist administers the sedative


The clinic’s objective is to provide the safest possible treatment. Therefore, they enlist a specially qualified anaesthetist to administer the sedative. It is imperative that a high standard of care is taken to provide this specialised form of dentistry, and the best in the industry will ensure that every safety precaution is taken, including that of only enlisting professionals to fulfil their specific roles.


Furthermore, the sedation professional will focus on the treatment whilst monitoring your vital signs, as well as monitoring in you the post-treatment recovery period.


  1. You receive full treatment in one visit


If you require a complex treatment, you can trust that this is the best option for a calming and relaxing environment. The clinic can provide longer treatments for installing crowns, veneers, bridges, removing wisdom teeth and much more, ensuring that you have a comprehensive treatment space and one that will help you keep calm throughout the process.


  1. There are always experienced professionals providing the treatment


You can trust that the team providing this highly advanced dental procedure is one that has the skills and experience to provide an outstanding service with every treatment. As with other dentistry forms, trust is one of the most essential elements to ensuring a happy patient outcome, and your professional team will always work to create a calm and welcoming space, especially as they will know that you may have chosen this treatment method as you are unsure about the procedure.


  1. It’s just a great option for handling anxiety


We get it: many people hate going to the dentist. The thought of even having their oral hygiene checked can be very daunting, but we can assure you that this is a more calming and relaxing experience, and one that can help alleviate some of that unwanted dental anxiety.


Your sense of calm and wellbeing throughout such a procedure is also imperative to your team (just as is your safety), so you can trust that they will work hard to alleviate any concerns you have prior to your treatment.


As you can see, this advanced treatment option is perfect for people who have that little extra fear when it comes to visiting their dental expert. This solution can help reduce - or alleviate - the anxiety that comes with getting in the dental chair, whilst operating in a highly safe and professional environment.


It’s for this many Melburnians are turning to sleep dentistry for their upcoming procedures!