Some things aren't worth risking your health over and saving a few hundred bucks on hiring removalists is definitely one of them!


If your day job doesn’t involve any physical labour and you don’t often exercise either, you’re much more likely to injure yourself while moving.


Here are the most common moving injuries as well as how you can avoid acquiring them on the big day.


Back Injuries


Anyone who has injured their back will tell you that it took about three seconds to do and months or even years to undo - if it heals at all!


Back injuries are usually caused by lifting things that are too heavy, using incorrect lifting techniques, or a combination of both.


While the easiest way to prevent a back injury is to hire a professional Removalist Brisbane to take care of the hard work for you, if you can’t avoid manual labour then it’s a good idea to use these safe lifting techniques:


  • Always carry boxes close to your body

  • Keep your head up

  • Lift with & bend your knees, not your back

  • Keep your back straight - don’t twist while lifting

  • Use appropriate equipment like trollies, ropes and lifts for moving heavy or bulky objects


Sprained Ankles


Rolling your ankle is easy to do. All it takes is a moment where you forget that your new lawn isn't as even as your old one, a missed stepp or a misjudged path.


You can avoid this common injury by:


  • Wearing closed in shoes that offer proper ankle support and decent grip (think: work boots or lace-up running or tennis shoes)

  • Clearing all debris from the paths you’ll be walking down

  • Making sure any spills are cleaned up straight away




Drinking enough water on moving day seems like a no-brainer, but there are a few significant reasons (other than avoiding thirst) to keep your fluids up while shifting house.


When you’re dehydrated you’re weaker, it’s harder to concentrate on what you’re doing, you can become dizzy, and you’re more likely to injure yourself in other ways. When you’re moving always make sure that you:


  • Drink at least 2 litres of water

  • Have water at the ready in your car and both houses

  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink

  • Wear sunscreen to avoid heat stroke


Broken Toes


This is one of the most common but also easily avoided moving injuries. A broken toe takes weeks to heal and will put a huge damper on enjoying your new home, and hinder your unpacking efforts! Keep your feet safe by making sure to:


  • Wear enclosed shoes (as mentioned above)

  • Reinforce the bottom of your moving boxes

  • Avoid over packing boxes and making them too heavy

  • Use new boxes not second-hand boxes that could be damaged or have weak bottoms

  • Communicate properly with others while moving heavy furniture and items



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