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Have you ever found when trying to take a deep breath, it feels like something is pushing your diaphragm back up? Maybe you have felt sudden back pain when carrying your shopping bags to the car. And, no matter how hard you try to correct your posture, it always returns to the forward slope. All of these things and much more could be solved by having great core stability. But before we begin discussing the benefits, what actually is ‘the core’?

What is ‘the core’?

Put simply, the core is the center of gravity in your body. This will be where the ‘center mass’ resides. Look down at your torso, and see where your sternum ends. As the rib cage splits you have a soft midsection all the way down to your abdominals and small intestine. It's also where your abdominals, back, and lateral muscles converge. This collection of mass is what is called the core.

The everyday benefits 

It's long-since been argued that having a strong stable core, limits and prevents back pain. This is because instead of our smaller lower back muscles being used to carry or lift heavy things, we use our abdominals, lateral muscles as well as our chest to deal with the strain. If you’ve ever been raking autumn leaves in your garden, you’ll find that the more pressure you exert further away from your body, the more pain you feel in your back. But with a stable core, you have more outward strength and less pivot pain in your lumbar spine muscles.

A miracle cure?

No, a strong core is not going to make your back pain go away if it's not linked to stress and strain you feel in your everyday life due to work-related activities. Sometimes, back pain is directly linked to pinched nerves and bone misalignment. In that case, you will need to see professional chiropractors such as at the My Back Relief Clinic. They have an occupational therapist, which can assess and observe the work-related movements you carry out and provide you with proactive solutions to limit undue pressure on your back. It's also a good idea to get a good once-over and have all your bones clicked back into the correct positions.

Speed and power

If you’re a young athlete just starting out in your career, you will need to have a strong center mass. All your sprinting speed and explosive power will be generated from your core. When you’re running, your legs are doing the movement but your body is kept upright by the core. Sprinters and boxers who need to shift their weight suddenly will be at an advantage if their body is not swaying and disturbing the weight balance. A strong core will act like a steel girder, keeping your body stiff and in control even during sudden directional changes and explosive full-body movements. 

Strengthening your core will support your posture and invariably improve your back pain. It's a greatly unappreciated part of our body when it comes to health, but the benefits of having a stable core will leave you in no doubt of its usefulness.