Do you know that your mouth is the major gateway from where your internal body gets influenced? It does not only intake food and water but also interacts with the external environment. For instance, minute germs and other microbes may host your body through your mouth. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your mouth as clean as possible to live a healthy life. For that reason, the major oral health concerns that you should look after are compiled and stated below:

Pain in the teeth or jaw

This oral concern is vital since it may be a symptom of many potential diseases and illnesses. Precisely, let’s assume if someone feels pain in the lower jaw, along with other symptoms, such as chest pain and weakness, this combination indicates that you may have a cardiovascular problem. Therefore, you need to approach a doctor and dentist as soon as possible in this case. Furthermore, the pain in two of the fore-teeth indicates sinus inflammation since sinusitis is characterized by headache, lower jaw, and teeth pain.

The smell from the mouth

In almost 90% cases, the cause of halitosis (bad breath) is most likely a cause of the oral cavity. Although the root cause is bacteria on the lower side of the tongue and gum, it personates an awful impression to the person within your proximity. In the other 10% of cases of halitosis, it is caused by the unhealthiness of some internal organs. Therefore, one should always stay conscious in such a situation. Moreover, it can also be a symptom of type 2 diabetes, kidneys, liver, and intestines.

Gum changes

If you ever notice your gum color changes to white, consult a doctor immediately since it is a clear symptom of anemia. An anemic patient also has less amount or ratio of red blood cells in the body, which is quite dangerous; it turns gums pale. On the other side, anemia makes tongue red most of the time – it looks shiny and sore. This change can also be a symptom of gingivitis inflammation caused by bacteria. It is best to look after your teeth from an early age and give a try to teen braces to overcome several issues.

Gum bleeding

This is one of the most common oral health problems. A frequent bleed in a small amount is also a symptom of leukemia. If you would face gums bleeding with a nosebleed, this is an indication of a liver problem because the liver is responsible for the production of substances that control blood coagulation.

Mouth Ulcer

Whether you ever suffered from this type of problem or not, you must have heard of this term before. Some common diseases responsible for mouth ulcer are:

  • Leukoplakia

  • Herpes

  • Aphthae

  • Candidiasis (fungal infection)

These issues can affect each of us anytime. However, the causes of this disease and sores in the mouth are different.

Tooth loss

If you ever face your teeth began to stagger, and the gums turn shiny and bright red, do not wait to visit a doctor. It is a higher probability that you may be suffering from periodontitis. This disease is a progressive form of gingivitis, which ultimately enhances the inflammatory process and settles in the deeper layers of the jaw. This results in the weakness of the roots, which then cannot tightly hold the teeth.

Tooth loss is not always accompanied by infection and inflammation; it could also be an early sign of osteoporosis during its development. During menopause, especially women, have to be extra conscious about these symptoms since bones start to lose minerals and become vulnerable and fragile during this menopausal period.


After reading this article, you would easily recognize such symptoms, realize its importance, and seek the emergence help of a doctor. The diseases mentioned above in the article and their symptoms can severely affect your health. Women consuming aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) or menopause can also face small bleeding from the gums. Such women should stay more conscious since their body consumes more minerals and immediately plan a visit to a doctor ar a skilled dentist at Claremont Dental.