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Danger is everywhere. Usually, accidents are results of negligence and ignorance. The human factor is the most common cause for most of them. Quite often, people get hurt, become unable to work, or even worse, die.

First thing victims should do is to take care of their injuries. Then they should think of seeking compensation for what they suffered. When physical injuries can disturb the quality of their life, people have the legal right to ask for material compensation.

The one who should pay for it is the one (individual or a company) who is guilty of the accident. There are two types of damage that an accident can cause - economic and non-economic.

Material and Non-Material Damage

Material (economic) damage covers all payments and lost wages that the person had or will have because of treatment. These include all hospital and drugs costs. Damaged people are usually not able to work during the treatment. That’s why the fair compensation should cover lost salaries during their sick leave. This amount can be pretty high if a person is permanently disabled for work.

The lawyers will consider a number of factors to calculate the compensation for non-material damage in case of an accident. The degree of injuries is the most important item. If the person feels strong pain after the accident, and if there are other health disorders, that can cause the decrease of their life quality.

On this source, you can find examples of serious injuries:

Other things can affect the amount of money that the damaged person will get – the age, the health condition, the result of the injuries, etc. Based on these, doctors should know whether the treatment is possible or not. Also, they will prescribe therapy and drugs.

In case someone died in the accident, their family will get the money. The skilled attorney will add funeral expenses to the compensation. They will also calculate the material coverage for the pain and trauma suffered.

Car Accident Cases

Car crashes are typical examples of how people got hurt because of others. People who don’t adhere to the traffic rules and who drive fast and aggressively are reasons for these accidents (the most common causes of car accidents find here). When the damage is not big, people usually try to solve this situation on the spot.

But in more serious cases, the police should determine the circumstances of the accident. They make a record and file the claim against the responsible person. When minor crashes and injuries happens, the victim can ask from insurance to make up for their losses.

Injuries at Work

Injuries at work can happen for many reasons. Every employer has to provide a safe workplace for all employees. Still, accidents with consequences for the workers are common. Many companies have specific legal teams dealing with cases of workplace injuries.

The damaged party usually will sue the company. This process can take time. Competent institutions should examine every detail of the accident. Every employer wants to be free of charge. The employee wants to prove the responsibility of the company.

In these cases, sites like suggests going out of the court as the best solution. Most employers will accept this option because it won’t ruin their public image. On the other hand, the victim can demand the terms of the settlement. If two sides don’t agree, the next steps are the arbitration and finally, the trial.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors have a moral duty to provide each patient with appropriate medical help. But when people suffer because of poor treatment, it can be a serious criminal act. Legal experts call that medical malpractice.

Wrong diagnosis, misuse of drugs, poor treatment, etc. can cause personal injuries. If you got hurt because of the negligence of doctors and medical stuff, you have to hire a lawyer with experience in such situations. You will need experts which will provide you compensation for your injuries and losses.

If you and your legal team can prove liability and degree of injuries, the system of a justice system will be on your side. After the trial or out-of-court settlement, the damaged person should get fair compensation for all losses and injuries. This includes all the costs they have in the meantime.