The Property Pack


  • Written by News Company

We see these young successful and beautiful actors and actresses and sometimes wonder – what do they do to be so attractive? Can I also become a star if I follow their regimes? The answer to the last question is negative, unfortunately, - because money and good genetics are two main factors in the Hollywood’s good looks. You can, however, try out some of the favorite food of young superstars and, who knows, it may help you feel closer to them. Here are three successful actresses and the dishes they enjoy eating.

Jennifer Lawrence is known as someone who loves to keep it real with her fans. Her love of junk food, especially pizza and French fries, makes her relatable to many young people. It has now become an irreplaceable part of her image. And it also doesn’t seem like she’s going to change any time soon. That’s why banana pudding cake being her favorite dessert comes as no surprise for anyone. Here’s how you make it at home.

For the simplest Jennifer-approved version you can make this recipe using a store-bought cake and pudding mixes, plus a can of whipped cream. First bake the cake according to the package directions but add some mashed ripe bananas to the mix. Let it cool and make the frosting with cool whip, milk and pudding mix. Put it onto the cake and decorate with banana slices.

Emma Watson has a different approach to nutrition and likes to keep her diet relatively healthy. But as everyone else, she has her weaknesses, like Mexican food and some desserts. For example, these luscious and decadent macadamia nut cookies that she probably makes herself because she’s a pretty good cook and it’s kind of way too easy to prepare a batch of them.

Cream together butter and sugar; add eggs, vanilla and flour. Mix in macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips. Bake for 10-12 minutes and then enjoy with a nice cup of tea!

Megan Fox is definitely one of the healthiest actresses of today. She avoids most processed foods and exercises regularly to stay in great shape. And you can the results of the hard work in her movies! Try her favorite shrimp kebobs to try and understand her love of healthy foods. It’s basically grilled shrimp with pineapples and a ton of spices. A perfect light summer recipe!