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If you’re a registered nurse who’s already secured employment, you may be unsure about going back to school for your BSN degree. While you only need to be certified as an RN to work as a general nurse currently, that might be changing. Pursuing your BSN opens the door for progression in your career, but it also makes you a more skilled nurse. There is a push in the healthcare industry to hire more nurses that have their BSN, and without it, you may find it harder to secure employment.

If you’re on the fence about completing your BSN degree, here are some reasons why it’s crucial that you do.


Future-proof your career

The Institute of Medicine is calling for 80% of nurses to have their BSN by the end of this year. While it doesn’t look like that statistic will be met, they will likely continue pushing for it. Statistically, hospitals that employ a higher percentage of nurses with their BSN have lower mortality rates among patients. Additionally, with healthcare technology changing and growing exponentially, it’s essential that your training is up to date and thorough. The technology is there to help make healthcare more effective and efficient, but you need to be educated on it first.



Obtaining your BSN has never been more accessible, with schools like Houston Baptist University offering the program entirely online at You can still work in your current job while upgrading your education according to your preferred schedule. There is no commuting to campus involved since you can do the entire program from the comfort of your home. On top of that, you can complete the program much quicker than you could traditionally by doing it online.


Higher salary

Along with the advancement opportunities comes a substantial boost in salary when you have your BSN. Nurses are selfless individuals who work hard due to their passion for helping people. That said, it doesn’t hurt to do the job you love and make a little extra while you’re at it. Even if you stay in the same RN job role, you will average a salary boost of $7k per year once you obtain your BSN. You will also have access to the highest paying roles in the nursing industry, including a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, with an average annual salary of $160,250 and the potential to earn much more.


Advancement opportunities

If you are an RN without your BSN, then you’ve peaked. You may love your position as an RN, but you won’t be able to progress or advance into other positions without your BSN. You have unlimited potentials for career advancement with your BSN, meaning you can access other jobs that take you away from bedside care. You might want to move into a research-based position, into management, or further education down the line, and a BSN will enable you to do so.


Upgrading from an RN to your BSN will allow you to become a better nurse as the healthcare system continues to change. You will learn how to use modern healthcare technology to the fullest and open the door to endless advancement opportunities in your career.