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Security doors are often overlooked when it comes to making people’s homes safer. People often think of alarm systems and fences, but don’t think of installing security doors to keep out intruders. But security doors shouldn’t be overlooked, as they are a great way to deter potential intruders from entering the property.

Making the point of entry much more difficult to surpass diminishes the risk of a successful burglary, making Amplimesh security door prices worth the peace of mind you receive from installing them.

So what are some of the benefits of installing security doors?


  1. They are far more durable than regular doors


Security doors are typically constructed from aluminium and steel, making them far more durable than other doors. Not only this, but these doors are highly durable and will continue to uphold their stylish appearance over a long period of time. Many wooden doors begin to show signs of wear after some years of existence, but aluminium and steel doors maintain their style.


  1. Optimise style while enhancing safety


Installing a security door doesn’t mean you will be forced to choose an ugly metal slab or be limited to particular styles - security doors come in a range of styles that can enhance the aesthetic of your home while also making it safer!

Security doors come in a range that includes bi-fold, stackable, decorative, sliding glass or French doors. There is also the option of security windows or screens where available. For homeowners with unique door shapes or sizes, security doors can be custom manufactured to fit these requirements.


  1. They add value to your home


A stylish security door can also increase your home’s value. By investing in your home’s appearance and security, there will be no need to replace your doors for the time you live there, and all this improves your home’s value. This is especially so if you live in an area where robberies are more likely as people will feel more comfortable buying a home there.


  1. They secure your home


It is common to assume that the front-door is the only point of entry that needs to be secured. However, it is also a good idea to install a security at the back entrance as this will double the safety of your home.

  1. Improve home privacy

Security doors double as flyscreen doors that also obscure view from the outside. This provides your home with much greater climate control, insect control and the confidence that comes with knowing your home is protected all over.

Your security doesn’t have to be solid, either, as there are a range of security door options to choose from which will make it more suitable for the function and context of these spaces in your house.

High quality security doors

When you select a security door, especially for an outdoor courtyard or other access point, you want to ensure you get a door that will delay and hopefully prevent an attempted burglary.

It’s best to ensure that the door has been tested for a range of break ins, including probes, dynamic impacts, knife shear, pull tests and jimmy tests. If it has passed these tests it means it is more likely to protect your home from these break-in methods.

Security doors are an awesome way to potentially prevent a costly burglary from occurring at your home. They are durable and incredible hard to surpass without a key, making them a valuable home renovation addition to your property if you are concerned about robbery.