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As an online shopper, a person may find it increasingly difficult to scour the plethora of online shopping websites and manually compare the prices across all of these sites to come across the deal that will best suit their needs. This can take them hours to come across the right deal and sometimes, even that may be a remote possibility. This problem can be easily countered with DealZy that effectively gives user the latest updates on deals in real time. iPhone or iPad owners can download this FREE app from the App Store and get access to not just low prices but also online discount sales, free shipping, freebies, coupons, rewards, savings and the likes from the best online shopping websites.

DealZy scans the best retailing websites and online shopping websites available over the internet including retail giants like Amazon, Costco, Target, Sears, Banana Republic, Macys, WalMart, Home Depot and many more. A user can use the multitude of filters that are available in the app so that they can narrow down the search and look for exactly what they want by filtering the search by price, category or date.

Whether a user is looking for great flight and hotel combos at the lowest price possible or wishes to purchase cell phones, clothes, shoes, electronics and other such products, they can get access to the best deals and the best time to buy these products on this free app which can be downloaded from the App Store or by following this link:

DealZy is a shopper’s perfect shopping partner as it effectively guides said shopper in making the right choices by presenting them with deals that will help them save an incredible amount of money. One of the best aspects of using this app is the fact that you need not struggle toggling back and forth from the app to the website to make your final purchase. All the products that you finalize can be purchased directly from the app.

Screenshots and more information on DealZy can be found at and its official Facebook page:

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