Painting jobs in the house can be gratifying; they instantly lift the mood of the place. Besides exteriors, painting also adds a protective layer against the weather. Painting your home, fence, cabinets, and furniture could be time-consuming and labour intensive. Using sprayers and pump spray bottles could eliminate the stress out of painting. Sprayer gives a nice finish to the cabinets, which is hard to get from the paintbrush.

Kitchen cabinets are prone to stains and may require regular painting to enhance their look. Conventional painting using paintbrush is easily accessible, requiring significantly less preparation and clean up. However, it leaves un-attractive brush marks on the flip side and takes a lot longer to dry than jobs are done using a sprayer. 


Painting can also be done using a paint sprayer; it is a fun, quick-fix option to restore your cabinets. However, using a sprayer involves more intensive preparations and clean-up than painting with the paintbrush. But the finish that you get once the job is finished is worth the efforts. Here we will discuss how you can easily spray-paint your kitchen cabinets using paint sprayers and the pros and cons of spray paint.  


Choosing the Best Type of Spray Painter for The Job 


The spray painters come in three different types— HVLP, Airless, and Pneumatic. The best spray painters for painting the cabinets are the High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP). They deliver a high output of paint utilizing low pressure resulting in more extensive coverage and better adhesiveness to the cabinet. HVLP reduces wastage; they are lighter and easier to control for indoor use.


Pro and Cons of Spray Painting 


Using a paint sprayer is convenient; however, there is a learning curve involved. Keeping the sprayer straight when in use, constantly moving your arm to control the spray, and avoiding an overlap of colours needs practice. Once you have mastered the art, it is a relatively simple process. 


Pros of using spray painter: 


Spray painting covers a larger area than the paintbrush and rollers. It considerably reduces the labour and the time involved in painting. Spray painting gives clean and better results with an even finish. It is a perfect solution for painting trickier surfaces like corners. 


Cons of using spray painter: 


Spray painting requires more prep work before painting. It covers more area than intended, increasing the clean-up needed once the job is done. It may not be a good choice for small projects for the prep cost and requires ventilation. Purchasing and maintenance of HVLP paint sprayer could be more expensive compared to painting using a brush. 


How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets? 


Prepare the kitchen for painting and disassemble the cabinets: First and foremost, prepare the kitchen by clearing the kitchen, especially the cabinets' contents and cover the nearby appliances, ceiling, and floor. Disassemble all the cabinet doors handles, knobs and hinges. Label the parts so that it becomes easier to reassemble. 


Clean the cabinets and use sandpaper to clean the surface: Clean all the cabinets, drawers and surfaces that need painting. Use soap solution to remove all grease and other contaminants effectively. Sand the cabinets to remove the sheen, wipe the wood using tack cloth, cover all holes using wood putty and wipe away all dust. 


Prime the area to be painted and paint: Add primer to the wood; this will reduce the chances of the colour peeling off the cabinets. Once all is done, it is time to paint the cabinets to get the desired effect; two coats of paint will be required to allow sufficient time to dry the paint in between coats' application. 




Painting cabinets using sprayers could be overwhelming; it is labour intensive. There could be many questions that need to be answered before starting a job. This article tries to answer most of the questions before deciding the best technique to use to colour your kitchen cabinets. However, sales experts will understand the finer details of your requirement and suggest you the best solution. Therefore, it is a good idea to take their opinion as well. 

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