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  • Written by Jeff Overall
Polar Pro is a Newport Beach, CA. based manufacturer of photography accessories. The target audience is mainly photographers of outdoor activities such as snow skiing and diving. The company offers its Hero4 Neutral Density Filter.

Professional photojournalists and photographers covering Olympic downhill skiing events or world championship surfing contests rely heavily on high-end photography equipment. Amateur photographers and family members appreciate quality cameras and accessories for the purpose of recording exciting events. However, natural movement caused by wind or human movement on t can interfere with producing clear film or pictures. Power Pro Filters of Newport Beach, CA. has just developed the GoPro Hero4 Neural Density Filter to help photographers produce the best possible prints.

Polar Pro’s GoPro Hero3 lenses as seen at are ideal for skin divers and scuba divers taking pictures between 15 and 80 feet below the water’s surface. The Hero3 provides strong color contrast and accentuation. For this reason, these lenses are recommended for recreational divers or professional photographers who want to develop pictures of shallow water environments such as a coral reef.

The company’s GoPro Hero4 Neutral Density Filter as seen at allows a photographer to blur the motion in a picture such as ripples on the water. The GoPro Hero4 Neutral Density filter can also reduce the light entering a lens, thus maintaining color contrast. The result of either of these uses is a smoother, more visually appealing photograph.

Polar Pro’s polarization filters as seen at reduce glare from snow on the ground or from the water’s surface that often interferes with producing an excellent picture. This type of filtering is particularly helpful during very sunny days when natural light can reduce clarity of a photograph. Along with improving the quality of a photograph, the filter’s glass lens offers resistance to scratching and damage by irresponsible transport and handling.

About Polar Pro Filters:

Polar Pro is a leading manufacturer of GoPro® accessories and mounts designed to improve the GoPro® filming experience. The company, which was founded in October 2011 at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with the creation of a small, polarized filter. Since then the company has experienced explosive growth to selling over 500 locations worldwide. With a dynamic team of young, and innovative employees, Polar Pro continues to find new ways to improve the filming process. For more information, visit, and stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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