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  • Written by Tom Lato or in short form is a unique and powerful website that allows anyone who has ever lost their beloved to create a personal profile page for that person. They can also add up to ten images of that person, embed a memorial video and invite their friends and family via various social media platforms. One of the most important features of the website is the option of being able to light a virtual candle or provide virtual flowers in remembrance of the person that passed away.

People are constantly flocking to social media to give remembrance and pay respect to their deceased loved ones. There are pages created, videos submitted, and statuses written – but this should not be considered a proper way of showing respect or sympathy. These websites do not allow people to interact in a respectful manner. is the solution to this problem and allows individuals to pay their respects on one simplified website and even provides the option of being able to submit candles and flowers in memory of the deceased. is the simple and effective way of allowing everyone to pay respects to the deceased. People can express their loss by viewing the person’s profile, adding candle and flowers, and inviting their friends. This is a unique and innovative method of remembering the deceased and the first website of its kind.

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