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Ternopil, Ukraine – With the aim of enhancing the hitches and hurdles of CRM data transfer, Data2CRM provides its users with a polished and advanced opportunity of a fast and precise Salesforce to Vtiger switch. The procedure of migration is completely hands-off and excludes any installations or coding methods.

Automated CRM Data Migration: Merits and Virtues

Going with the times, Data2CRM, a migration service, offers an innovative approach to transfer CRM data through the various CRM platforms. Due to its automation, the service requires no additional software installation, technical background or heavy manual copy/paste method. The SaaS makes the process of migration fast and secure. So, the privacy of data and uptime of current CRM software are guaranteed.

Data2CRM applies the following options that accelerate the procedure and enhance the obstacles of a quick and accurate Salesforce to Vtiger migration

Maintain Time. The service is fully automated, and the duration of the switch takes up to few hours.
Protected Data. Data2CRM excludes any human interaction and offers a secure CRM data migration.
Keep the Pace. The service has no impact on the uptime of the current CRM platform. So, the time and money losses are eliminated.
User-Friendly Solution. The SaaS has an intuitive interface that requires only few button clicks for successful accomplishing the CRM data transfer.

Currently, Data2CRM may migrate the following modules:
- Contacts
- Accounts
- Leads
- Tasks
- Opportunities

The service has refined its opportunities and offers the transference of such relations as:
- Account (Member of)
- Contact (Account name, reports to, organization name)
- Task (Contact name, related to)
- Opportunity (Account name, related to)

For more detailed information about Salesforce to Vtiger migration, visit:

Data2CRM sticks to its plan of constant improvement and announcing of new migration options and automated Salesforce to Vtiger switch is one of the in-between goals. The service provides its users with two-sided CRM data migration of SugarCRM (on-premise and on-demand), SuiteCRM, OroCRM, Insightly, Zoho CRM, Salesforce and Vtiger(on-premise and on-demand). The team of Data2CRM refines and elaborates the abilities of a service and prepares the announcement of new supported CRM platforms in the nearest future.

About Data2CRM

Data2CRM is a web-based migration service, designed for accurate and fast CRM data switch between various platforms. This service is developed for hassle-free and flawless migration of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks to the dream CRM system in a fully automated way.

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