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  • Written by Michael Bunton

Michael B. just launched a new video in which he explains how to make over $120.000 per year with an oil rig job and an oil and gas career.

Nowadays, there are many people who are unsure about their future. Their job is not secure at all, and it does not pay a lot either. So, because of this, Michael B. wanted one of the secure oil and gas jobs , because he know he could make his employees very happy about his work, and that he could make a lot of money because he was a very hard worker.

So, we decided to build an oil and gas career for himself, and he know that with his perseverance and his hard worh, he will become very appreciated in his company, and will end up making a lot of money for him and his family.

His first job was as a roustabout, and in a few months he advanced to roughneck. He found these jobs because of an oil and gas recruitment agncy, which for only $59, a one time fee, have sent his resume to over 1200 oil and gas companies.

Slowly, after a few years, the same recruitment agency, found him a job of assistant driller and after almost 8 years after Michael has started his oil and gas career, he was advanced to driller, making over $120.000 per year.

He works daily for 6 weeks, in shifts of 12 hours, and even in the 12 hours when he is free, he still need to look after his crew, but because he has almost 6 weeks off, after that, he enjoys every second he spend working on an oil rig.

Because he was really successful with his oil rig job, he decidd to tell all his friends about his offshore job, and over 30 of the people he told them about it, were hired on oil rig around the world thanks to the same oil and gas recruitment agency that helped him.

In his video she explains some trick for getting a oil rig job fast, and to get a bigger salary even if people are applying for an entry level oil rig job like roustabout jobs or roughneck jobs, and Michael is sure that every man who wants to build a successful oil and gas career, can do it in just a few years.

His video on getting an offshore oil rig jobs fast, can be watched here:

About us: After having worked for 8 years in an oil rig job, Michael has advanced to driller, and now, he makes over $120.000 per year. Now he will share his knowledge and help other get an oil rig job as well.

Contact: Michael Bunton
Company: Oil and Gas career tips
Address: 122 Main Street, 03262, N. Woodstock, NH
Telephone No.: 603-745-8972

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